What Jess Wore as the Love Doctor

Post pantygate madness ensues as the gang breaks up, makes up, and Schmidt throws a underwear induced fit. Coay and Fawmidt (worst couple names ever?) are faced with the trials of Jersey City/NYC, a seductive Dora the explorer, and multicolored underpants. Thankfully the Love Doctor was on call to mend the wounds of these floundering relationships. 


Sorry Coach, you don’t look so much like “the most swag sperm,” as much as the Jolly Green Giant. We will forgive his outfit choice since he is obviously in post-relationship mourning.


Thankfully he makes a mid day outfit change — the plaid and leather jacket combo is a much more “dope” look.

Props to Winston for the whimsical pattern and Schmidt for his first lady attire. Fawn was right, he does look like a Jewish Kennedy.


After Fawn accidentally revealed her nether regions to the public, she creates a ridiculous scheme that paints Schmidt as a pantyless-loving — but Christian! — pervert to the press.

Eventually Schmidt realizes his lack of Beyonce lyric feelings for Fawn (he is neither crazy nor drunk in love) and breaks up with our favorite councilwoman. But who are we kidding, with or without panties and Schmidt, you can’t block the power of the People’s Warrior.


Coach’s groupies get an honorable mention for unique bar attire. Nick thinks white bodysuit/leopard leggings look smart, but I’m thinking Dora the Explorer in the front has más potencial.

Meanwhile the self proclaimed Love Doctor ops for preppy plaid and a cardi.  CeeCee wears her usual model of duty look with a relaxed leather jacket and graphic tee. Although May is super casual, that shade of pink is perfection on her and, well, her girls look great.


After grinding with Dora, Coach realizes he doesn’t see himself sleeping beside an elderly Winston in the future, but rather, beside May in New York City Jersey City. The group gathers for pizza and porn (Nick’s fault) in hoodies and plaid. Jess’ sweater and button down combo adds another preppy look to her roster this week.

With Coach’s impending move, will this be one of the final times we see the gang together? I’ll miss you, Fawmidt/Coach.