This week on NORTH BY NORTHEAST: Everyone’s dealing with the fallout of last week’s Vicky Go Boom. Emily’s quickly caught in a Hitchcockian nightmare of everyone assuming she killed Vicky G and since her badassness is now public knowledge, it’s basically impossible to disprove. It doesn’t help that her recent ex Hot Cop is leading the investigation, and her alibi is she was running after Jack at the airport to declare her love. Conflict of interest much? Tragically, Jack’s shirtless California advantures are cut short as he heads to the Hamps to confront Emily, but we’ll always have the screencaps. And then Vicky’s Girl Army of Margaux and Louise throw down fabulous fashions as they investigate their mentor’s death. And then the biggest remaining queen on the show, Mason Effing Treadwell, turns out to be the new big bad as he helps frame Emily for V’s “murder.” And just when you think Nolan’s got a easy breezy plotline about vacation planning with his new piece, said piece dumps him in favor of becoming a single gay dad. Because NOBODY IS EVER HAPPY ON THIS SHOW.


This Week’s Targets
Mason’s out to get Emily, Hot Cop is out to get Emily, and Emily’s out to get Mason Treadwell.

Gala/Caper of the Week
Mason brought the intrigue this week, surrepticiously planting V’s hair and DNA in Emily’s car to help frame her for the “murder.”

Best Dressed
Margaux’s lacy look (and dark lippie) when she read Victoria’s suicide letter was somehow perfect for the moment. And the 1920s flapper realness of her hair continues to inspire the entire viewership to cut theirs off, too.

Most Soapy Amazatron Moment:
Queen Victoria’s video suicide SnapChat was pretty much everything you want in a last-minute plot twist. She’ll be missed around here.



Check back on Wednesday for our full fashion recap of this week’s mourning and scheming.