This week on SO MUCH DEATH AND SADNESS: Emily and Nolan make short work of stealing back the USB to the point that I’m not sure why they were worried in the first place? Margaux and Lousie make a tentative peace because they’re both on #TeamVictoria and she makes them, basically, in between nervous breakdowns. Also, Nolan may finally have a decent boyfriend worthy of him!! Here’s hoping Social Worker Dude doesn’t turn out to be secretly in league with [insert villain of the week]. A few other things happen like Hot Cop catches a clue and breaks up with Ems, Jack gets the heck out of the town that’s only ever brought him heartbreak, and David’s diagnosed with leukemia, which he doesn’t tell his daughter, because: of course. We’re also treated to a few few blasts from the past as Queen V reunites with her still super fugly throne and Mason Effing Treadwell shows up.But none of that compares to Victoria BLOWING GRAYSON MANOR UP WITH HER INSIDE!!!


This Week’s Targets
Emily’s after the flash drive; Queen V’s after Emily. Or she thinks Emily is after her. Or something?

Gala/Caper Flashback Montage of the Week
Emily and Nolan’s fire drill/USB-sensing device scheme was straight out of Mission Impossible and I kind of loved it.

Best Dressed
Margaux’s characterization continues to flip-flop, but her fashion never takes a break from European perfection. This week’s bright pink bodycon was EVERYTHING.

Most Soapy Amazatron Moment:
I was just about to hand this to Emily’s rom com dash to the airport, right until Victoria BLEW HER DAMN HOUSE UP.



Check back on Wednesday to for Lauren‘s full recap of this week’s explosive new developments.