For Don, this week’s events were a bit like A Christmas Carol, as Don encounters four women who he’s screwed over, along with the woman he’s currently screwing. The blast from the past goes all the way from Betty, through to Megan, Sylvia, and Diana. Meanwhile in the B plot, Peggy and Stan get hit on by the same woman because hey, it’s the Seventies, baby!


So, Peggy and Stan wind up at a photoshoot with famous photographer Pima Ryan Mimi Rogers. These looks are all very seventies in three very different ways. First off, we have Mimi, all business glam in her Annie Hall meets the Bee Gees suit and tie. Then we have Peggy… oh Peggy.

I mean, she gets props as ever for going there, it’s just that the places she winds up tend to be the corner of Kindergarten and fug. Which, okay, is how a lot of people dressed in this time period. But there’s a way to go groovy chic, and this is not it.

And of course there’s Stan, pulling off the hirsute stud realness like he does 24/7. Carry on, sir.


You wouldn’t think that the same person would be into what both Peggy and and Stan are throwing down, but it’s the 70s, which means everyone’s on Quaaludes, so of course Mimi makes this surreal pass at the Pegster.

But come on, can you blame her? She’s barely recognizable as the same human from the orange dishtowel look above. This makeup application is flaw free, turning Miss Peggy into the gauzy subject of a Renaissance painting. Add to that the way her eyes pop in the kelly green, and I can even forgive the twee flower print.

Oh, and luckily our girl is smart enough to figure out that Pima is playing her, and kicks her to the curb.


Aaaaand then on the other end of this episode, I will never not <3 casual Don. Understated sexy at its finest. I mean the man is a walking disaster, but it looks so good on him. Betty’s look is insane, but she did just come from some sort of fancy rich lady fundraiser, so she gets a pass.

Am I crazy, but remove the bow and Betty’s dress wouldn’t be out of place at NYFW this year. At least it’s got enough visual interest to make me pay attention to her storyline for a change and OH what a plotline it’s going to be. Betty Draper Francis. As. A. Therapist. Let that wash over you.


Don reveals his stalker-like skills in tracking down his newest conquest, Sad Waitress Diana. His blue suit and her brown dress just do not look like they belong in the same scene. Which is maybe the point, because obviously this is going to all end badly.

Poor girl is stuck in her work garb for most of the ep, but Don doesn’t seem to mind. My theory is that Diana reminds Don so much of himself that he can’t keep away from her. 


I love this picture becaue it perfectly captures the  mood of the entire awkward elevator ride.

We’ve got the good doctor looking pleased with himself as he makes not-too-sly comments about the revolving door that is Don sex life. His wife, Don’s former lover, is giving him the stink-eye while looking drop-dead gorgous in that Marilyn-esque, rhinestone number. Don’s thinking, well, I did your wife too, so shut your face. And then Diana may be a bystander, but she’s not stupid. Although I wouldn’t recommend asking Don exactly many women have been to his apartment. Don’t pull at that thread, sweetheart.


Speaking of women in Don’s apartment, the most recent ex-Mrs. Draper is collecting her things from the apartment with the “support” of her loving mother and sister. Bonjour, Mama Marie!

Loving Megan’s casual look here, possibly because I’m pretty sure I wore this exact look during my 70s phase in junior high. Real talk: I’d still wear it today. And bien sur Marie looks like a French Jackie O in that royal blue shift.


Megan throws on her other trademark look (ten pounds of eye makeup, a dress that’s basically a long tee) to demonstrate the proper method of stomping out of a dinner meeting gone sour.

She checks all the boxes: extensions flowing, eyeshadow up to the brows, baby blue chiffon mini-dress fitting like a glove. And where in the world did that wristlet come from? I have a thing for any bag I can wrap around my wrist.


Another unexpected, and yet totally predictable, twist comes when Megan runs back to the apartment to find Roger and Marie en deshabille. You just can’t leave these two alone.

I guess YKYLF staffer Anthony isn’t the only one with a thing for a guy with a ‘stache.


To end the roughest day ever in poor, naive, Megan’s life, she heads out to meet with Don and their lawyers to hash out some kind of agreement.

Looking like, and receiving, a million dollars in that off-white trench, they decide to just end it all with a check. Is Don trying to make ammends for his bad behavior after all?


Now freed of his third wife, Don heads for his latest lady friend. Unlike his other relationships, which end in tears, the tears come early when we (and Don) learn Diana’s tragic life story. Girl, you need a hug.

Seriously, look how sad she is. I feel bad about making any kind of comment on that top, so I’ll skip it.


We close with another kind of sad, empty apartment. Don’s been taken to the cleaners after Marie elected to remove all of the furniture.

Anyone else think he’s going to set up lawn furniture in there a la Joey and Chandler?


With just a few episodes left, it’s anyone’s guess where these plotlines are heading. But with it being the 70s and all, I’m thinking… SC&P orgy? The way Roger’s getting lucky with that ‘stache, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility.