You wanna talk a reveal? Emily Thorne is giving you Full Dramatic Reveal Telemundo Realness. Why? ‘Cuz the woman straight up told the world she is Amanda Clarke. Finally. FINALLY. After all the Initiative nonsense, ninja subplots, Malcolm Black saga and listening to Conrad whisper talk for 3 seasons, we’re making some solid story progress! Let’s all take a moment to enjoy this and imagine where our Revenge roller-coaster will take us next. Actually, forget that — let’s focus on the fact that COURTNEY LOVE is now a guest star playing an assassin named White Gold. That shit is fierce the house down.


BBQ-in’ Bros

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t call out Ben’s brother for wearing an ill-fitting Hawaiian shirt to the BBQ where he meets Ben’s ludicrously wealthy, impossibly chic girlfriend at her Montauk mansion. Instead of worrying about how Emily takes her burger, why don’t you slip into one of the many robes you know are stashed in that house and toss that shirt onto the flames?


Southern Comfort

Oh, Louise — I’m feeling for you, gal. First you half-murder your brother for your beard husband, then you find out Nolan’s ditching you for midnight beach parties with a slew of drop dead gorgeous men who prefer the company of men. I can’t say I blame him, but Louise deserves the truth. Especially when she wants to get day drunk in a robe and watch bad reality TV. Hun, marry me! Those are for real relationship goals. Shout out to the cute black and white dress she’s sporting while throwing Victoria out of the house. Honestly, it works because of the yellow belt (and I’m sucker for a red head).


Lady in Black

Despite being one of my favourite classy ladies of Revenge, I’m disappointed with Victoria this week. It was black, black and more black. This ain’t winter in NYC, doll. She might have been put in her place when it came to naming the research centre after Daniel, but the look on her face during Emily’s reveal was everything. I can’t wait to see how she deals with this business. 


GQ? More like He-Q!

Tbh, I’m not sold on that subtitle, but I’m all for trying new things. Anyway, I’m loving Nolan’s color block looks this week. Pistachio is not an easy shade to pull off, especially with his fair complexion. But damn, if I didn’t want to tackle him to the ground and tear that jacket to shreds while we had a moment like Danny and Sandy on the beach in Grease


Now, when your boy drops into the club with that scarlet jacket, that’s a look for days. Nolan’s giving me Swooning Entrepreneur the old way and hair the new way. It’s a nice contrast against Emily’s teal top. Praise hands for her gold jewellery, I adore the geometric shape. 


Tell It To Him, Stevie

How many of y’all gave some snaps to Stevie for laying down the law with Emily? I mean, at this point, I’m pretty sure Em and Jack will end up together when Revenge is done and dusted, but she treats him like a damn doormat. Stevie took it up a notch and gave David an earful while wearing a gorgeous eggplant sweater, expertly paired with a simple gold necklace. This is a perfect example of keeping things simple yet stylish. It’s bit more comfortable a look than Emily’s simple chic but it’s working for me. 


French Revolution

Let’s be straight up about Margaux: she’s been a bit batshit crazy the past few weeks. I don’t know if this temporary lull in Red Sharpie activity is an act, but we’ll wait to see how she handles Emily’s confession. While she gave you Executive Realness when meeting with White Gold (yes, the assassin), she channeled some severe Blanche Deveraux looks with that flowing silk floral robe. And threatening her henchman with his own hit? Don’t cross this woman, hun. 


This Hit, That White Gold

I AM SO HAPPY COURTNEY LOVE IS ON TV. The woman is the definition of ferocity and even in her brief scene with Margaux, she killed it. Much like she’ll kill whoever’s on her list. The woman’s a professional and you’re getting that as she coordinates her clothing to her name. The shoes, the clutch, the necklace, the raccoon eyes – it’s all happening. And I’m so thankful she wasn’t named Blue Black. 


Full Dramatic Reveal Telemundo Realness

Emily, gurl. Oh, my bad — Amanda. No, Emanda. Gurl. There was plenty of white and beige being served for y’all and her BBQ ensemble was a prime example. Y’all know that’s a Cashmere sweater and the necklace is perfectly set against its neutral tone. Hair goals for days.


Aside from the teal look at the club with Nolan, Emanda’s drop dead look this week was the dress she wore to the press conference that shook the nation. It looks like a wallpaper we had in our kitchen in 1991, but on a solemn woman about to bare her soul, I’m living. Don’t think I didn’t notice she wore white to convey some shred of innocence to the public, OK?


I still get a kick out of watching her and Jack in scenes together. For sure he’s a handsome mutha in that suit, but he’s also so short next to this Amazon. Look closely at all their scenes — Jack is at least a foot away from Emanda at all times to cheat the camera. 


I’m upgrading the TV Wine to TV Bourbon for next week’s episode. Do y’all think Victoria and Margaux will go soft with this confession? I think there’s going to be a severe chance of weave ganking and body shanking after this. But if we just focus on White Gold for the rest of the season, I’d also be fine with that, too. I LOVE YOU, COURTNEY.