What Mindy Wore that Time Danny Was a Dick

YKYLFers, we’re all friends here, right? So I hope you’ll forgive me when I say that contrary to this episode’s title and the opinion of most of the internet, Danny is not The Best Man. He is actually being the worst this week. Look, I know we all love Diamond Dan and his sweet sweet moves, but the fact remains: Danny is SUCH a dick this week. He passive-aggressively flakes out on meeting Mindy’s parents, then mutters to her in front of a room full of people that he doesn’t think he wants to marry her. Sure, he has the big rom-com moment at the end of flying to India to confront her parents, but I honestly don’t know if that’s enough to redeem him for me. (That said, I will be so disappointed if the show doesn’t get renewed for next season so that I can see who they cast to be Mindy’s parents.)


We start off in good shape with Mindy sweetly glowing in a blue twinset as she informs Danny that she wants to introduce him to her parents. “Aren’t you excited to meet the parents of the little girl whose innocence you stole, you pedo?” she demands.

Blue is Mindy’s new power color for a reason: she looks radiant and powerful and ready for anything.


But then Danny fakes a late procedure to get out of meeting the future grandparents of his child, leaving Mindy to face them alone in Boston. (Seriously, Mindy has been cheerfully handling Annette for how many episodes now? Dick move, Danny.) At least she’s wearing a killer sari.

Seriously, look at the spangled detailing on that thing. Mindy really should wear saris more often—they lend themselves so well to her two great fashion loves of hot pink and sequins.


Of course she doesn’t do too badly in Western clothes, either. I have to admit I covet her Minnie Mouse inspired polka dot number. 

Hey, if you’re the person who won it at auction, care to go halvsies? (My half will be paid in sassy fashion recaps.)


Later Mindy goes with Danny to the house of his mother with whom she has a functional and thriving relationship because she respects her partner’s parents, ahem Danny for her baby shower.

And because the bounty and wonder of her coat closet is endless, she is wearing the world’s most beautiful green maternity coat. Shoutout to YKYLF’s former flagship show—remember how Blair wore a different green coat every finale?


The green coat is also a perfect match for her green-and-blue striped sweater dress. And it’s lucky for Mindy that it is. She’s going to need all of the help she can get, because Danny’s dickishness is about to grow by leaps and bounds.

First of all, he doesn’t want their son to wear the feminist onesie Tamra gave them, because he is the worst this week. (That onesie is adorable, tiny boy feminists are rad, and anyway, doesn’t Danny know that females are strong as hell?)


Second of all, he chooses this moment to tell Mindy that he doesn’t want to meet her parents because he doesn’t want to marry her. Okay, so…he’s met Mindy, right? There is no possible way she could have been clearer about the fact that she wants to get married. It’s like the first thing she tells people within thirty seconds of meeting them, after she tells them she’s younger than Katie Holmes but before she explains how high her metabolism is. And yet it never occurred to him that maybe this was a conversation to have with her…like, first of all in private, and second of all, maybe shortly after he found out they were having a kid together? Like, after she clarified that she didn’t want a quickie shame wedding, maybe they could have had this talk then?

Poor devastated Mindy heads home alone to take comfort in her most Jess Day pajama set. And admittedly, if anything can heal a broken heart it’s flannel polka dots.


Meanwhile, Danny decides that the only way he can repair their relationship is to go to India to meet Mindy’s parents on his own. I have to admit, I am legit excited to meet Mindy’s parents. I hope that her father is inexplicably Shah Rukh Khan. He’s fourteen years older than Mindy Kaling, which is a perfectly acceptable parental age gap in both Bollywood and Hollywood. (Shoutout to Very Young TV Parents, run by YKYLF’s own Ann Foster.)

As for Danny himself…eh. It’s a very rom-com third act move, which is usually this show’s sweet spot, but Danny was so terrible this week I can’t actually bring myself to care? Props to the props master for the realism of the sweat stains on his shirt, though.


What do you think, YKYLFers? Am I being too hard on Danny? Or is he still everyone’s favorite TV boyfriend? We can all agree that the feminist onesie is adorable, though, right?