This week our revenging focus is not on Louise’s recently deceased brother (RIP what’s-his-name), but on Margaux’s wild attempts at taking down Jack, Emily and everyone in sight in an effort to clear her derpy baby daddy’s name. After an ill-fated try at clobbering Jack, Margaux admits defeat and decides that maybe revenge (!!!) doesn’t suit her. That is, until she gets hit by a freaking taxi, loses the baby and claims that Emily pushed her, even though she was 5 feet away. You don’t stand in the middle of a NYC road unless you want to get hit, amirite?


Southern Comfort

Considering her brother fell to his death last ep, Louise’s storyline is incredibly minimized, as is her wardrobe…

We get it, you’re in mourning. How about you throw on a LBD for us, Lulu. She does ham it up for hot cop, Ben, though. Excellent acting, even with a horrible accent. Luckily Nolan is killing it as always. I’m really dying over those kelly green trousers. Stunning.


Nolan trades in the green pants for reds, and Louise admits she may have been slightly present when Lyman toppled over the cliff. Gah, this show is soapy!

Louise’s dress is a step up from the chunky cardi-sweatpants combo, but not by much. Flattering? Sure. Boring? Definitely.


Stevie G. in the House!

Looking like a big happy family, David, his daughter, and his fake daughter’s son, are all smiles while babysitting. 

This really is an adorable picture, but I’m really crushing on Emily’s top. It’s her standard ivory/black casual revenge (!!!) wear, but the zipper detail takes it to the next level. More than your casual day clothes, Ms. Thorne. And that’s because girl’s on her way to the courthouse.


Breaking news: Stevie G is back in town to help Jack plead his case (literally). Remember how she’s Conrad’s ex and Jack’s secret mother? No? Did you forget about that? Me too.

Forgettable character aside, I’m digging her green peplum blazer. Flattering and profesh. Jack looks pretty standard, but he did just spend the night in jail, so it could be worse. Ems shows her support by throwing a white blazer over that covetable blouse. The girl’s all class, like a Sliding Doors-scenario Kate Middleton.


Though his lawyer/Mom got him out of jail, Jack was assigned to work with this hard-ass social worker. And I guess in his line of work, it’s maybe warranted…but dude. Jack’s a good guy. Relax.

Another power blazer from Stevie, but I think Jack’s wearing the same shirt from earlier. You think he would at least shower post-jail, right?


You know social worker’s all business because not even Nolan can charm him.

How could you be so judgy against this lovely man? He’s wearing a pocket square, for Christ’s sake! He’s glorious!


Because Social Worker is, after all, human, he later returns to the club to ask Nolan out. I refuse to learn his name because I feel he will be gone soon. Poor Nols and his non-stop, extremely tragic lovelife.

But YES to adding that paisley pocket square! The man can do no wrong. Except in the aforementioned dating/marriage department.


The Virtual Red Sharpie

Newly revenge (!!!)-crazy Margs is looking fierce as ever at the courthouse in this white shift.

Snaps for matching her lipstick to the red stripe in her dress. Not so fab? Ripping a child away from his father. Must be those pregnancy hormones driving her crazy.


At the end of the day though, Margaux knows that revenging (!!!) isn’t for her, and she calls off the whole thing so no one else gets hurt/dead.

A hint of a baby bump? Hmmm, maybe, but that dress helps to accentuate every curve in that little lady’s body. I’m liking edgier Margs.


Ems, not so much. She finds Margaux’s partner in crime, and manages to coax Jack’s blood sample off from him. But not without some black hoodie ninja action!

I don’t know how teeny-tiny Emily can always take down these big bad guys. She has no down-time to train!


On the plus side, she does have the team and the skillz to figure out that the judge working Jack’s case has her greedy little hands in Margaux’s very stylish pockets.

Emily manages to get her latest boy toy to wire into Lady Judge’s carphone system to take her down. Well played, but I think we’d all agree she was an easy target. I mean, when Hot Cop can take you down, you know you’re not a real threat.


A Frolic in the Road

Now into the juicy goodness of this episode with Margaux’s real revenge (!!!) target, Emily Thorne. Woot!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a genuine smile on this show until now.

I’m scared.


Anyway, Victoria was prematurely celebrating the acceptance of plans for a new foundation in Daniel’s name, but learns that someone on the committee voted it down. So why not show up at Emily’s pad to accuse her of being the deciding vote?

Wide shot to show the contrast. Yes! Loving the royal blue on Queen V, and surrounded by all of the ivories and golds in Emily’s place, she looks like an actual queen.


Too bad Vicky’s mistaken, as Emily actually voted in favor of the building, and is staying true to her ceasefire with Victoria.

Way to kick her to the curb in some killer smart casual wear. And I am particularly living for those yellow pumps. Gots to have them.


Stymied at Emily’s manse, Victoria heads over to Margaux’s with a lovely baby gift… along with a little guilt.

Plot twist!! Margaux was the one vote that nixed the project, because she wanted to give her child a better start than “son of Daniel Grayson, phihlanderer, drunk, derp…”


Daniel’s ex-wife, meanwhile, takes her heart-to-heart with Papa Clarke seriously as she decides to make peace with Margaux. Both Clarkes choosing the path of peace? What show is this?

Similarly, I’m on the fence about this look from Ems. On the one hand, I like the black skinnies and boots, and Lord knows I love me some ombre, but the top seems way too big, even for casual revenging. And because it can’t be said enough: someone get that man an iron! Or at least a wrinkle-free fabric!


Regardless of poorly pressed trousers, Emily follows her Dad’s advice and heads out to call a truce with Margaux. Her nemesis is straight out KILLING IT in this Madonna-inspired pantsuit. Those are words I never thought I’d type together.

But that gorge ensemble is most definitely ruined the second Margs gets hit by that cab. Holy crap, I knew it was coming, and I still jumped.


Vicky’s all out of sorts, as you would imagine, when she learns that her grandbaby is gone due to this little accident, but that won’t stop her from wearing the tightest dress imaginable.

Can you imagine her as a grandmother? Seriously. Also note to Louise: this is how you do grief properly on this show. Less slouchy sweats, more skintight lace insets.


Still looking pretty with scratches and bruises all over her face, Margaux lies through her teeth and tells Victoria that Emily pushed her into traffic after faking a ceasefire.

J’accuse! (!!!)


And Emily runs home to Daddy after realizing that the high road is filled with taxis poised to strike adorable French girls at random.

So, after a bit of a fakeout, Margaux is still on her revenge (!!!) kick. Silly me for thinking she’d be over it by now. But now that Victoria thinks Emily killed her grandson, V’s back in the game too.

Bring on the mega-soapiness! REVENGE!!!