This week on MARGAUX GOES GONE GIRL: After Lyman’s body is discovered, Margaux panics she was partly to blame and decides to turn in her Red Sharpie (see, I knew her scheming was weak sauce). But her henchman won’t let her quit her campaign, so operation Destroy Emily via Jack continues with new accomplice Dirty Judge. But David “Gandhi” Clarke convinces Emily to call a detente with Margaux, who pulls out the biggest gun in her arsenal — throwing herself in front of a cab to prompt a miscarriage and frame Emily! OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Meanwhile in another universe, sparks are flying between Nolan and the uptight social worker on Jack’s case. Oooh, I sense another tragically misguided romance for our fav hacker/lonelyheart!


This Week’s Targets
Margaux is quickly becoming TV’s answer to Amazing Amy with her miscarriage-inducing/Emily-framing car incident. In comparison, Emily’s takedown of the corrupt judge was junior varsity level.

Gala/Caper of the Week
OK, so Emily’s long-distance badassery was pretty satisfying as she commandeers the judge’s car communication system to get Jack’s charges dropped. 

Best Dressed
Margaux’s pink suit and lacy top were the perfect accessories to her OH NO SHE DIDN’T car accident. And so ends TV’s least pregnant-seeming pregnancy (she didn’t even get to wear empire waistlines, let alone a fake baby belly).

Most Soapy Moment:
OK, so the moment Margaux flung her arm up to hail a cab, you knew shit was going down. Nobody ever stands in moving traffic on a soap to NOT get hit.


Check back on Wednesday to see what Lauren thinks of this week’s beachfront drama and fashion!