What Mindy Wore to Seduce a Man While Very Pregnant

After her quest for the picture-perfect attire for the staff photo goes awry, Mindy tragically gives in to her inner schlob. Meanwhile, Morgan loses his love (hey, Julia Stiles, I totally forgot about you) whilst Jeremy finds the mother from HIMYM way faster then Ted Mosby ever did.

After packing on the baby pounds, Mindy unearths her tracksuit a la Regina George. Needless to say, Dr.L’s fashion game was weak this week. My heart breaks for the rainbow colored Chanels and mismatched patterns that were omitted from our screens.

However she did reveal her “skinny dress” — aka this sick LBD — for ten seconds.

Sadly, this sleek bodycon number could not survive the Lahiri baby bump.

RIP, skinny dress.

Side note: need to buy an adorable orange bra asap so if I ever tear out of my clothing, I can look this cute.

TMP featured too many tracksuits and pajamas for my liking this week. Thankfully, Tamara and Cousin Sheena were there to save Mindy from casual wear abyss.

Look at them in those bold patterns. So fierce.

Sheena knows how to accessorize a jumpsuit (practice from OITNB, perhaps?) and teaches Mindy the key to seduction — confidence.

However this jumpsuit…sweetie, no.

Sorry Lahiri, but I would’ve laughed at you too.

This week’s pajama party makes me miss Mindy’s “risqué red carpet” party from last week. Too bad Mindy was AWOL. Girlfriend would’ve definitely pulled out her sexiest and silkiest nightie. Or perhaps some cute patterned PJs.

Instead, we were treated to Julia Stiles in a yawn-worthy robe, and Danny in an equally dull plaid pair.

I can’t think of many ways to describe pajamas, guys.

Jeremy is the most daring and manages to make PJs look somewhat fashionable with a velvet robe and paisley print, while Morgan looks like a giant Lost Boy, what with his massive sandwich and night cap. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less ridiculous from him.

The party isn’t a complete loss — Jeremy met his newest love interest! It’s that girl from How I Met Your Mother but instead of being adorable and sweet, she’s supa profesh in a slick suit and sharp bob. You don’t wanna mess with this rich bitch.

Mindy finally does it right in this green and blue striped dress, just in time for the staff photo. I also love Jeremy’s walk of shame look in pale blues and purple — so very Hugh Grant.

Coming up soon, Schulman & Associates is heading to my home state: Texas, y’all! I cannot wait for the offensive southern stereotypes. Remember, Lahiri, Austin is the hipster capitol. So bring your beanies and not your cowboy hats.