This week on ANOTHER PARTY, ANOTHER MURDER: Despite how last week ended, Hot Cop is still totally on #TeamEms, even spying on Margaux for her. He and she head out to take care of whatever Margaux thought she had on him, which leads to their first tag-team ninja fight, which is like second base on this show. Natalie shows her true colors at her 4th of July party where she tries to play David and then confesses to being Totally Evil. But then V caught the whole thing on tape, so it’s adios, Miss Gina Torres. Meanwhile, Nolan and Louise suddenly have some tension in their marriage due to plot contrivance Nolan still wanting to hook up, and Louise being so easily played by her Evil Brother. Ultimately, this leads to Louise accidentally throwing Lyman off a cliff, then lying to Nolan about it. And THEN! Since Margaux couldn’t get to Ems via Hot Cop, she turns her sights on Jack, who she busts for a DUI. Either she secretly got him drunk or she faked the test results somehow. Either way, it’s bad news for our Bartender-turned-Cop-turned-Bartender.


This Week’s Targets
This week was all about Emily vs Margaux and Queen V versus Natalie. And basically every other person on this show as caught in one or the other crossfire. 

Gala/Caper of the Week
Natalie proves herself a capable Hamptons hostess as her party brought glitz, glamor, betrayal and murder. Not bad for her first time.

Best Dressed
Finally we had a real contest. While I’m living for Louise’s new emo eyeliner look, I’ve got to hand the win to Queen V’s new curly ‘do and sparkley red party dress. She looked more relaxed and happy than we’ve seen her in ages. That’s what a good party will do for you! 

Most Soapy Moment:
Um, does it get any soapier than accidentally pushing your brother to death over a cliff? People on soaps should stick to living on the prairie, or at least avoid fights on cliff-adjacent homes.


We drew straws to see which lucky person gets to recap this episode and its ACTUAL FASHIONS, and Constance came up a winner. Come back on Wednesday for her take on this week’s sequinned fabulosity!