What Mindy Wore to Dinner with a Priest

After Danny’s scandalous confession gives his former priest a heart attack, Stephen Colbert steps in as the new, super-strict priest at Danny’s church. In an effort to win him over, Mindy invites Father Mike to dinner at Danny’s house. In the end, Mindy and Danny come clean to Father Mike about baby Castellano, and Mindy decides she’d like the baby to be raised Catholic.


Before we begin, let’s get this out of the way: YOWZA.

If my priest looked like Stephen Colbert with a beard, I would be at Mass every Sunday…and I’m Jewish. 


Second only to Kate Middleton, is there any pregnant woman rocking it quite as hard as Mindy Lahiri? Mindy hasn’t crossed into maternity-wear comfy pants yet, and I hope she never does. I mean, what we write about, then?

This multi-colored dress is so gorgeous on her. I love how rich the colors are, especially the bright pink. And the wrap dress gives her a waist! This is such a flattering silhouette for our girl, and I adore it.


Equally fabulous, of course, are her accessories.

I like that she opted to keep the neckline clean — the look is so much more polished and sexy with a side braid and statement earrings. Plus, note the horizontal stack with her rings. How very fashion-blogger of her. We’ve already learned she has a podcast for talking about her sex life. How long before Mindy makes Morgan take photos of her, doing her best street-style modeling?


She’s practically there during her visit to Danny’s church. Check out how she’s busting out the selfie with some whimsical nuns.

The vibrant print of her dress makes Mindy a very clear “other” in this conservative environment, but she makes it her own. Snaps for pairing this already bright dress with a daffodil coat and a rich blue bag. The whole look really works…just maybe not for Sunday Mass.


It’s just another day at the office, so Mindy goes for a white dress with giant tulips on it.

Personally, I’m calling foul on the idea that Mindy would be able to keep this dress clean for more than 30 seconds. The woman lives on a diet of expired vending machine snacks, AND she’s pregnant. How is her dress not dusted a light Cheeto-orange at this point in the day? Also, Mindy is showing even less than Blair Waldorf. I’d like to think that Mindy Kaling put on a pregnancy pad, said “Oh, ew,” then decided that her character would never actually look pregnant.


Speaking of Blair Waldorf, has anyone other than Mindy pulled off a headband half as well as Our Lady Blair of the UES? I bet that, when Dan told Blair that headbands were for high school, Mindy gasped in absolute horror. Mindy is one of us. And, to prove to Father Mike that she is one of them, Mindy breaks out her schoolgirl best. 

The maroon heart sweater is yet another winner in Mindy’s fantastic sweater drawer. The leather skirt is an edgy choice for dinner with a priest, but for Mindy this is practically understated. She’s trying for Danny, which is just the cutest thing ever. And now that baby Danny Jr. is going to be Catholic, I can’t wait to see what Mindy wears to the baptism.