This week on DOWNTON’S OVER SO WE HAVE TO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE ON SUNDAYS: There was a lot of place setting this week, as we line up the chess pieces for the final half of the season. So we’ve got Still Evil Margaux all set to out Emily and Jack for the murder of the Faux-FBI lady. But everyone knows she’s no match for #TeamEmily, which now includes Cray Louise and Baby Carl, who may be their best operative. And since Queen V’s done with the Clarke fam, she’s focused her bandage-dress-clad-sights on destroying Special Guest Star Gina Torres. But oh noes! Gina sells David Clarke a boat, which on this show is like first base, so I’m sure that won’t get complicated at all. And Jack, a.k.a. the human personification of the heart eyes emoji, doesn’t care Emily’s DTF with Hot Cop: he wants his childhood GF back! But it’s not sweeps week, so of course she turns him down. Oh, and Louise’s Hot Brother’s still in town and did we know he’s a lawyer? Because he is, and now he’s Queen V’s lawyer and the first recruit in her team to take down Gina Torres.


This Week’s Targets
Margaux’s determined to destroy Emily, nevermind that her ex-BF and Baby Carl will be caught in the crossfire. So Emily and Nolan’s Super Team is focused mostly on damage control, rather than destroying anybody. 

Gala/Caper of the Week
This was pretty epic. So Jack pretended to bond with Margaux about being a single parent, but really he was just there as a distraction as BABY CARL passes over the bracelet that ultimately deleted Margaux’s computer. SPY BABY FOR THE WIN. Oh, and new #TeamEmily recuit Louise helps out too, donning the team’s trademark black ninja gear to act as a distraction for the scheming. Well played all around.

Best Dressed
Was there any fashion on this show besides Margaux’s 80s New Wave Eurovillain hot pink? Because that look more than made up for everyone else’s low key fashionz. Queen V kept it tight with straight locks and a sporty LBD, but Emily continues to mope around in beige and khakis.

Most Soapy Moment:
OF COURSE Hot Cop has a secret, missing ex-wife. And OF COURSE Margaux knows about it. So just as Emily’s choosing Hot Cop over Jack, HC’s there likely signing on to be a double-agent and betray her. No relationship on this show has good timing, do they?


Come back on Wednesday to see what fashion Ann can find to discuss besides Margaux’s outfit, or possibly, just a whole recap dissecting this amazatrons 5000 look.