What Mindy Wore to Red Carpet Risqué

Our girl leaves behind last week’s morning sickness to tend to her new practice — Lahiri Fertility Clinic! If I wanted Beyonce ferosh babies I would totally chose you, Mindy. Sadly not everyone agrees with me, and Dr. L’s lack of credentials keeps her from finding new clientele. Naturally, Mindy weaves a ridiculous, crazy girl web of lies to keep her new client, and Lahiri-style chaos ensues.


In the briefest, most meaningless cameo, Mindy harasses Kris Jenner and her nationally treasured womb while wearing this fierce turquoise trench and Chanel bag.

How could you kick out the most fashionable and colorful (seriously, those ladies look like a monotonous grayscale screen) person at your book signing? Kanye West is my spirit animal so I know your son-in-law would not approve of your antics, Mrs. Jenner.

Meanwhile Dr. L continues to open her practice, pairing a hard hat with the cutest construction attire known to man. Her printed top, coral skater skirt, and paint swatches make her look like a badass (but adorable) HBIC.

And the finished product is so worth it. Georgia O’Keeffe would be proud. The  cream walls with accents in floral pastels are so feminine and so Mindy — this room makes me want to have a baby, stat. Good job, lady.

Props for the neutral scrubs and adorable loungewear. Polkadot tights and a hot pink sweater will now be my go-to for basking in gyno office glory. Sign me up for my next annual, please.

Later, Lahiri layers a coral sweater over a mustard and blue plaid button down — once again shocking our retinas with surprising color combinations. Further reasons why I would totally let Mindy be my fertility doc.

Anyone who can make mustard, blue, and coral look cohesive must know their shit.

I am also in deep love with the Lahiri merch. Hot pink with the simplicity of a sans serif font? Perfection. And according to Morgan it’s the longest he hasn’t been hit by a car. Win/win. Where can I buy this OBGYN attire?

Also note the creepy subway ads featuring Mindy with werewolf eyes. You got me, girl.

However, not everyone seems to share my sentiments. Cousin Lou and his new beau return from the Jersey Shore to seek some help in the baby making department. But when they ask for Mindy’s credentials (which she nearly avoids with the future pluperfect) she creates a lie about her own burgeoning pregnancy by claiming Castellano was also “shooting blanks.”

Poor lil’ Danny. Look at this posh office and attire, Ms. Cousin Lou. Any doc this stylish knows how to handle your ovaries.

The Lahiri house of lies falls apart at the “red carpet risqué” opening event for her fertility clinic. BTW, I am so stealing that theme for my next party. Cousin Lou confides in Danny, only to learn that little Danny wasn’t struggling after all…awkward. So Mindy loses her first client as quickly as T.Swift trades in boyfriends.

Although she axed her new patients, she definitely gained points in the fashion department. I am having all kinds of feels about this dress. The good kind of fuzzy feels ’cause this floral bodycon is every kind of fierce. But where is the “risqué” at this party? I was expecting mini dresses and cleave, not business casual.

But props to Danny for the popped collar. Diamond Dan would approve.

I think Danny’s alter stripper ego would also enjoy Cousin Lou’s leather collar.

The episode ends with metaphorical dancing heart emoji’s and unicorns when Mindy tells Danny she wants to move in. I personally cannot wait for all the lovey-dovey baby chaos that will inevitably ensue.