What Jess Wore to Walk the Walk

After a blowout leaves the girls feeling sexier than ever, they agree to head out of the bar with Bearclaw and his cute friend whose name isn’t worth remembering. This liaison leads to an epic walk of shame in which the girls run into Jess’ ukelele playing ex, Paul Genslinger. On the other side of the coin, Coach is trying to keep up with his new girlfriend (and my new girl-crush) May, and that means shielding her from Nick and Winston. You mean to say that Nick and Winston wouldn’t be the perfect addition to a gallery opening in which classically trained musicians play for the guests? No…

At the bar, the guys are their usual character appropriate selves.

Button down tee, sweat-something, old man henley, and gingham button-down.


Luckily the girls show up, and their newly blown-out hair ups the style quotient in the room. Can’t say the same for their clothing, though. Jess’ drop waist dress isn’t very flattering, but I suppose it’s totally Jess. And Cece’s blouse is a bit too peasant-y for me, though the color is fab.

The hair manages to attract the attention of a cute delivery guy and his unfortunate roommate, Bearclaw. The girls take this opportunity to bring their hair to a party and meet other guys.


Fast forward to next morning, when Jess wakes up in bed with Bearclaw, and Cece with cute delivery guy (name not worth remembering). Cue the dreaded walk of shame back home.

Jess’s dress could be made better with a different neckline, but the harlequin sparkle is to die for. Love it. I’m also squealing over that red leather skirt on Cece. If only she could have found the top she wore the night before, I’m sure it was aces.


With no phone, money, or dignity, Jess and Cece have to make their way home, trying to knock sneakers off telephone wires as they go.

Can you blame them? Look at those killer heels on Cece, and I don’t really remember Jess ever wearing anything other than ballet flats, so those kitten heels must be torture.


The girls find their way into a backyard children’s party while trying to bogart some water. In an unfortunate coincidence, they run into Jess’s ex Paul, just as they’re drinking off a hose. Classy.

But nothing’s classier than having to take a job as a children’s party clown after Asian Jess broke it off. Poor Genslinger.


While the girls are trudging their way through Los Angeles, Coach is introducing his lovely new lady to the guys. 

Schmidt is his normal, completely put together at 8am self in a navy/hunter button-down. Do you think he wakes up like that? May seems to have a light glow after her morning run with Coach. I’m usually a hot, sweaty mess after a run, but whatevs. I’m not jealous.


After May invites all the guys to an art gallery opening (where she’ll be entertaining guests with her cello skills), Coach decides that it may not be the best idea for Nick and Winston to attend such a classy event.

Especially after seeing Nick duct tape his slipper back together. Oh, Nick…


Nick and Winston still manage to show up at the event looking surprisingly decent in their suits. 

Seriously though, Coach? Put on a tie, bro.


Unsurprisingly, this confrontation  creates quite a scene, and lands Coach in a heap of trouble with May,  looking hotter than usual in her black jumpsuit.

Apologies for the blurry pic, but look at that hair and makeup. Gorgeous. Plus she learned the Monday Night Football theme for Coach. Crush building…


Once the gang meets back up at the loft, Jess, Bearclaw and Genslinger recruit May to help perform the musical that Jess and Bearclaw created the night before.

What a weird and adorable group of friends.