What Mindy Wore to Vomit (Repeatedly)

While pregnancy usually signifies a past-its-prime show running out of ideas, in this case it seems like the bold choice of a show that’s still in its prime. This is largely due to the fact that Dr. Lahiri won’t let being knocked up get in the way of her style – both fashion- and lifestyle-wise. Plus, they’re playing this out in real time, which means Mindy still isn’t showing AND she’s got a bad case of the Kate Middletons e.g. constant vomiting. But, like the Duchess of Cambridge, that doesn’t keep her from busting out an astounding array of flaw free outerwear. You do you, Mindy.


OK seriously you guys. Has anyone ever looked this cute while biffing their cookies? Who else but Mindy can get full circle snaps IN THE MIDDLE OF THROWING UP IN A MAILBOX? The shoes are like BAM (“Six  inches or nothing” – Hanna Marin), the coat is old school 1960s Betty Draper Baby Mama Glam, her ombre locks are flaw free and her boyfriend is looking hella dapper in that wool coat. CIRCLE SNAPS.

I’m not sure what sort of Rosewood-esque time zone they’re currently living in, but last time I looked, New York City was not the sort of place you walked around in with bare legs. Even if you have gams like Dr. L up here. Yowza.


The whole clinic team are obvz all in re: supporting Baby Lahiri-Castellano, even going to the trouble of making her a Bedazzled puke bucket. They clearly used up all of their fashion mojo on said bucket, as these looks are a whole lot of nothing to write home about.

I remember reading that Beverly was going to be wearing Mindy’s hand-me-downs all season, but I’m fairly certain Dr. L never wore that military green boyfriend card (the patterned button-down does have that Lahiri factor, though). I give a top of the hat (not Morgan’s hat, God no) to Tamra for her always perfectly fitted scrubs, while I’m mostly glad Morgan’s not wearing his red fedora and Jeremy’s in the only outfit he owns (other than the opera cape).


Anywhoodle, ever since Peter scampered off to stalk his ex in Texas, the practice is in need of a new doc. And wouldn’t you know it (*cough sitcom contrivance cough*) she runs into her former crush professor, Dr. Vanessa L. Williams!!

New life goal: be as ferosh in retirement as Vanessa here. No doubt Mindy wants her to join the practice; Vanessa’s Olivia Pope steez is a perfect counterpoint to Mindy’s Barbie Realness.


Whoaaa you guys, this is like a #TheDress situation. In the first picture, her coat looks hot pink. But here it looks more magenta? WHAT COLOR IS THE COAT YOU GUYS. WHAT COLOR IS THE COAT

Either way, she’s casually slaying it with the matching buttons and top (matching BUTTONS is like a varsity level fashion move), everyday dangly earrings, and subtle raspberry lippe.


Now, much as I adore Mindy and everything she does, I’m not feeling this Cliff Huxtable inspired button-down. While I will grant that the jewel tones complement her pregnant-glowing complexion, this is all a little too Kindergarten art project for me.


To the surprise of nobody (*cough sitcom contrivance cough*), Jeremy, Mindy and Danny act like total freakazoids and Vanessa bails almost immediately. Love her matter of fact rejection via text message later on: “I’m not taking the job. Because I don’t want to.”

Peace out, Dr. Vanessa L. Williams and the way you casually slay business casual. Gagging over this understated necklace that you know cost more than a year’s salary for a non-fabulous doctor.


OK, this was all a lot of fun but I think the writers may have forgotten that 99% of our main cast are OB/GYNs. It’s starting to seem like theirs may not be the best practice for pregnant women when they’re all mystified at the existence of and reasons for morning sickness. So their hiring of a new doctor, the only person in the room able to correctly identify the cause of Mindy’s symptoms, can only be a good thing.

And so maybe he’s wearing his daughter’s cheerleading team jacket (for plot contrivance reasons) but the pop of bright pink is maybe a clue that he and Mindy are going to get along.


Still, am I the only one kind of bummed the new doc is yet another white dude? If only Vanessa L. Williams was willing to sign on a recurring status… #DrVanessa4Life