What Jess Wore When She Found Out Who Cece Likes

It all starts when Schmidt invites Fawn Moscato over to the apartment for a date. Nick gets to work making his sauce in order to impress their guest, which basically consists of dumping everything in the refrigerator into a cauldron. Then Jess swats a spider onto the floor, Schmidt freaks out, and it’s all hands on deck to find the little bugger. Cece has been avoiding Jess since she openly admitted to Winston she still has feelings for Schmidt, but reluctantly agrees to come over and help the gang. During the spiderhunt, Cece admits to Jess that she’s been acting distant because she likes someone in the loft, and Jess sets out to find out who it is. Which eventually leads to Jess and Nick having a major hilarious lost in translation moment. NEW TEAMS!


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even eat a grilled cheese made by Nick, but hey, apparently “The Sauce” is crazy legit. So Schmidt enlists Nick to make this special sauce for his date with Fawn Moscato. Obviously it’s only the best for Fawn Moscato. Thankfully the sauce turns out to be nothing like Nick, bland and boring, and receives the coveted Fawn Moscato Seal of Approval. 

Also, if Coach thinks he’s going to start picking up chicks on bar crawls, he’s really got to pick up his dressing game. It’s actually a sin to be keeping that bod under wraps. Seriously. 


While busy coming up with fondue puns, Jess spots a spider and casually swats it away, not knowing that Schmidt has an insane case of arachnophobia. He freaks out, and there is no WAY Fawn Moscato can see him like that. 

Not every man can leap onto a table, cry, shriek and shout like a girl, and still look so dapper doing so. Yes, Schmidt always dresses the same, but you’ve got to appreciate his sheer effortlessness at always looking so impeccably turned out.


Winston is the only one who knows about Cece’s secret crush on Schmidt, and while he promises to keep her secret from the others, he admits he’s not that smooth. Duhh, Winston, we can tell that just by looking at you. 



Another reason Cece is one of the most awesome gals out there is because instead of sulking around in sweats and baggy shirts whilst stalking shirtless photos of her crush on Instagram, Cece brings the insta-glam with this fierce open v-crossed sheer tank and killer boots…whilst stalking shirt less photos of her crush on insta. I’m so glad Cece’s snapped out of her fashion funk, she’d been looking a bit drab recently. I guess that’s what a crush will do to a girl. 


So Cece agrees to come over and the troops are all assembled to find the tiny, eight-legged creature that scares Schmidt even more than Fawn Moscato does. 

Yes, Schmidt, we’re all praying that the boys will step up their game sometime soon, but let’s not hold our breaths. 


Another look at Cece’s awesome outfit. Love this color, which looks amaze-balls on her. 

But unfortunately for Jess, she falls flat this week. Peter Pan collars are only meant to be worn by five year olds on school picture day. 


Gah, as much as I really want Cece and Schmidt together because I think they’re perfect, I am Fawn Moscato’s (really Zoe Lister Jones’s) biggest fan. I think she’s fantastic. Truth, her clothes are the stuffy politician type but daaaangg look at that bitch face! Nothing else matters when you can rule the world with a glance like that. Bow down.


Which the gang does when Fawn Moscato saves the day and kills the spider. And Schmidt does a happy dance. 


Even though we didn’t get much from the fashion front this week, I personally thought this week’s episode was brilliant and full of laughs. It’s been awhile since an episode has focused on the six characters, all together. Hopefully Schmidt has some other phobias we don’t yet know about!