What Mindy Wore to Take out a Loan and Take Down a Drug Dealing Harold Shark

This week on 35 and Pregnant, Mindy dealt with two things many of us fear: taking out a small business loan and family drama. Despite a few hiccups, Mindy and Danny were well on their way to televised familial bliss when Danny agreed to move to San Francisco, so that Mindy can open the fertility clinic she began to dream of four episodes ago always dreamed of. Meanwhile, Morgan and the gang misunderstand Danny’s news and assume he’s dying, mostly because a classic mix-up always makes for great tv.


After a comical and prompty rejected shot-gun wedding proposal, we open to Danny and Mindy in one of their beatiful NYC apartments discussing the baby and Mindy’s trip back to San Francisco. 

While I’m more a fan of pajamas of the Jessica Day variety, Mindy’s aren’t bad. The colors of the button down and slip go well together to create a cute, comfy-looking ensemble. Meanwhile, Dr. C keeps it classy in a fitted navy tee. Is it just me, or has he gotten more attractive as the show has progressed?


As Mindy packs a sweatshirt (?) that seems to combine my two favorite things (buffalo plaid and ice cream), Danny does what we’ve all been waiting for and agrees to move to the city by the bay!

In his words “I kind of like wearing a fleece to dinner,” to which my Washington D.C.-based brain thought to itself: Wait, has that not been okay? Oops. 


Back on the west coast, Mindy and Dr. Gurglar apply for a small business loan so they can open their fertility clinic.

I already loved Mindy Lahiri, but her matching Chanel pearl earrings and necklace make me love her so much more. And her admittance that she owns 25 credit cards. You go, girl! Saving the economy one Chanel purchase at a time. 


Unfortch, her application for a loan was rejected…not because of Mindy’s bazillion credit cards (including one she opened just to receive a free cupcake), but because Mindy co-signed a lease for an apartment with her brother, who has been failing to pay the rent.

Rishi’s back! And in a beautttiffulllll dark red sweater that was def one of the “it” colors this fall. In fact, everyone at this table looks pretty good — I’m even digging Dr. Gurgler’s tweed blazer.


Hoping Rishi will pay the rent if he has a job, Mindy offers to interview him for one at the clinic, but things go awry when he heads out to respond to a call/deal some drugs.

Mindy continues the Chanel-esque trend this week in a blue tweed suit, patterned tights, and more suspiciously Chanel-looking earrings. Well, now we know what she does with all of those credit cards. 


Outside, Mindy confronts Rishi who admits he has been dealing drugs, but “Only marijuana. And everything else.”

Is anyone else wondering why Rishi is unable to pay his rent if he is, in fact, “employed”?


After some death threats between the Lahiri siblings, we find ourselves at the “Drug Dealer’s Den.”

Oh look, it’s Harold 10 years later! Except now he goes by “Big Murder”, wears some tragically well-tailored suits, and employs struggling musicians to deal drugs when he’s not lending them his yacht.


Eventually, Mindy makes Rishi an “offer he can’t refuse” and he agrees to stop dealing. Meanwhile, let’s take a moment to acknowledge Harold/Big Murder has really grown into his looks and check out Mindy’s jeweled gloves. Done? Moving on. 

In the end, Mindy realizes family, meaning her New York City family, are those who truly mean the most and leaves Dr. G, drops out of school, and heads back to NYC. As my boyfriend asked while we were watching: “Are they really planning to move the show to California?” No, no they’re not.