What Mindy Wore Before She Bought a Maternity Wardrobe

After thirty positive pregnancy tests and one popsicle stick with a minus sign drawn on it, Mindy has to accept that she’s pregnant. Now for the hard part: telling Danny. Unfortunately for Mindy, just as she heads to NYC to break the news to her baby-daddy, his daddy shows up with bratty daughter in tow, and Danny starts throwing around phrases like “This is a family matter” every time Mindy tries to sort things out. Thankfully, the always fantastic Annette is able to sort everything about between wig-fittings and eel-slaughterings.


We open the show with this spectacular ugly top that I can only speculate represents Mindy’s mixed feelings about being pregnant.

Why else would she be wearing a shirt that is simultaneously polka dotted and floral, if not to show us that just as she cannot choose between joy and worry over her pregnancy, she is also incapable of choosing one goddamned pattern per article of clothing? Luckily she straightens herself out for the standard Mindy Project rom-com montage as she tries to find a way to tell Danny they’re expecting.


Leather jacket?



Woven Aztec pattern?

A little cray, but whatever, she’s been in California forever, it was bound to rub off on her.


Starry red sweater?



Finally Mindy decides to tell Danny face-to-face, so she flies off to New York (forty thousand miles, according to Mindy) for a romantic weekend of camping. And GIRL COMES PREPARED for a weekend in the country.

Let’s all feast our eyes on this tweed trench with leather sleeves. Not only is it GORGEOUS, it’s a clever deconstruction of the classic country tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. Mindy loves her a themed outfit, and I love her for it.


Sadly, Danny has to cancel the camping trip to spend time with his deadbeat dad, so Mindy tags along with them to the office in yet another of her enviable coats. 

Seriously, who do I have to talk to at Fox to be let loose in Mindy’s coat closet? Those sweet little polka dots are like a personal apology for the lousy polka dot/floral abomination from the start of the episode. All is forgiven, Mindy.


Especially given what’s underneath the coat.

It’s the redemption of the floral! See, this is how we mix dots and flowers, folks.




Finally Mindy has no choice but to follow Danny, Alan, and Little Danny to dinner at Annette’s. In the face of all this formidable Catellano-ness, she calls on both her power colors. 

This classically pretty houndstooth gives her the reassuring pop of pink she’s always relied on…


…and underneath, she has her new soothing blues.

According to Mindy Kaling’s twitter this dress was custom-made for her, and it shows. The preppy schoolgirl plaid with the flash of bling at the collar is classic Mindy, and it gives her the power to not only murder a bathtub full of eels but also to call Little Danny’s bluff on moving to New York.


Granted, Big Danny isn’t thrilled with that last move, so it’s lucky Mindy has Annette in her corner.

Annette broke out her best Nancy Reagan outfit to impress her ex with (“My hair turned blonde, like a princess!”), but underneath she’s the same BAMF we know and love. It takes her about five minutes to put together that Mindy is pregnant and tell Danny.


Aw, they’re family now!

Although we’ll see how long this peacefulness lasts before they have their first how-will-we-raise-the-baby fight. What do you think will trigger it — whether to send the kid to public or private school? Raise them Hindu or Catholic? All I know is that kid better not take up any of the room that rightfully belongs to Mindy’s coats. It would be a crime to get rid of them. (Okay, maybe the Aztec coat can go.)