What Jess Wore on Valentine’s Day

It’s bar crawl time! With his relationship with Kai gone by the wayside, Nick plans a bar crawl, and the whole gang joins in on the fun, if only to save Nick from himself. Schmidt decides that he doesn’t want to play arm candy to his politico GF anymore and gives her an ultimatum. Coach keeps running into a beautiful woman and realizes that he might be ready for a real relationship. Jess and Ryan decide to move in together, and then Ryan gets the job offer of a lifetime…7,000 miles away. Don’t leave us, you sexy Brit!


When Jess gets back from a weekend at Ryan’s, the guys are in their standard character approps gear: T-shirt, track suit, and button down. Actually, I think I have that shirt Schmidt is wearing…is that weird?


But Jess is looking travel cozy in that adorable strawberry print sweater.

And her nails match! How Jess of her.


Too bad Nick’s a sloppy mess since Kai broke up with him.

Back to the same-old, same-old then? He does, however, introduce the idea of a pub-crawl for Valentine’s Day, and the crew reluctantly agrees after realizing that Nick is on the verge of cracking. Good idea, guys.


Good thing Winston is there (and sober) to keep everyone in check while he’s on-call with work. He comes complete with a handy backpack and ridiculous shirt. Maybe if he popped a button or two? Nah, it’s a hot mess.

Nick is donning his usual lumberjack-chic. Does he only have this one shirt? I swear this is the same one every episode.


Jess is playing along with the crawl in a sweet black dress with a beaded peter pan collar. Not sure about the hair tonight, Jess, but I’ll give it a pass because that dress is perfection on you.

I’m not totally against Cece’s dress here, but it may not be totally apropriate for a pub crawl. More suited for an office job. And what is happening with those bangs? WAY TOO SHORT! No!




Anyway, Jess briefs Ryan on the situation, asking him not to drink too much as they’re headed to a nice dinner.

Jess manages to not-so-slyly ignore Ryan’s request for her to move in with him. Why wouldn’t you move in with that beautiful man?


On the other end of the bar, Coach manages to meet an absolutely stunning woman, who couldn’t be less interested in him. But after running into each other at three different bars, they finally hit it off, and discover that they have SO MUCH in common.

Seriously, how beautiful is May? I’m developing a bit of a girl crush…


Coach wasn’t interested in anything other than a hook-up though, and ditched her.

Good thing Winston was there to slap some sense into him. It’s so nice to see Coach in anything other than sweats, isn’t it?


Since Cece has decided to try and out-drink Nick (OUT. DRINK. NICK.) She gets pretty hammered and has a ridiculous conversation with a dashing Schmidt, who has ditched his date at a cardiologists’ fundraiser.

Which leads to a super sweet moment when Schmidt tells Cece that he’s loved Valentine’s Day ever since their first one together…

Aww! A man who holds your hair back when your praying to the porcelain gods is a man who still loves you, amirite?


Too bad Deer Fawn shows up, complete with chocolates, just in time to ruin their special moment/almost reunion, to make Schmidt her real boyfriend.

Lovely little red dress, but I’m a bit anti-bolero, especially when it looks like it came from a black bear.


Meanwhile Jess and Ryan decide to move in together, but two seconds later, Ryan gets an email with an offer to be the Headmaster at his former boarding school in England.

Rut-roh! Jess is the perfect girlfriend and tells him to go get his dream job. How can you let that handsome man go? Even when dishevelled he looks amazing.


They rejoin the gang for the end of the pub crawl, and everyone reassures Nick of all the wonderful qualities he posesses. And Jess throws on that beautiful lavender peacoat. Where has this gem been hidden? In the depths of the pajama closet?

Will we see that pajama collection ever again? And the Swuit doesn’t count…