What Jess Wore to Fix Schnick Industries

Schnick Industries, a company started fifteen years ago in college, is back in action. This week, Schmidt and Nick had a sales pitch for their terrible inventions. Due to Nick’s laziness and Schmidt’s tough rules, the two fought and almost messed everything up, until Jess saved the day and messed everything up for them. Tada! Schmidt and Nick do business! Meanwhile, Cece had trouble coming up with money for her tuition, until Winston and Coach decided to invest in her education and stop her from dropping out. The most unbelievable part of the episode… Nick’s girlfriend left him because he was “too ambitious.” What is happening in the world?


Nothing makes me happier than a flashback with long-haired Nick and overweight Schmidt. The bohemian look. The sweat suit. The lack of earth tone plaid. It’s killing me!


Back in the present, Coach, Jess, and Winston waited eagerly for Schmidt and Nick’s new invention, until they realized it was a swuit. A suit made out of sweatshirt material. They tried to keep their calm on the couch, while all wearing cozy clothes to lounge around the apartment. Even Jess laid off the funky pajamas for this episode.


Here it is! Here’s the amazing Swuit! It might be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, but hey, I’ll give them points for creativity!

I’ve decided I want to start cataloging Nick’s earth tone plaids. There are so many, and they are all so similar.  I can’t keep track anymore! Despite his personality that tells me otherwise, Nick almost looks like a reliable, intelligent salesperson! Maybe he’s finally turning into an adult.


I was almost disappointed when I saw Jess’s sober and plain outfit earlier, so I was very pleasantly surpised when she pulled out her blue bike-printed dress (words that will never come out of my mouth again).

I thought they were flowers at first, but intricate bikes are so much more hipster. Nice touch Ms. Day!


At the bar, Cece discussed her financial troubles with Winston and Coach, who were both very colorful and ready to help.

I have a weakness for Winston’s Hawaiian shirts… they’re so tacky but look at him! He looks like such a fun guy wearing it! He should lend one to Coach. Maybe that’ll get him to wear some more intriguing outfits than his usual workout ensemble.


Finally, we got to see the disastrous sales pitch. Nick forgot how to speak English, and Schmidt completely lost his train of thought. Thank god for Jess! She wore the atrocious swuit to the pitch, which won Nick and Schmidt $10,000 NOT to put it on the market. Woohoo!

I had a little hope that the swuit could be interesting looking, but if Jess can’t pull it off, then no one can.