What Mindy Wore to Not Go to Paris

Mindy’s come into her own in San Francisco — she’s skipped straight to being season 3 Felicity, after the bad haircut but before all the time travel business. Rob offers her the chance to open a practice in the Bay area, so Mindy flies to New York to convice Danny to move. Unfortunately, Danny’s just bought Peggy Olsen’s busted Harlem brownstone. To make matters worse, Peter abandons the practice to follow Lauren to Texas. A sad conversation in bed leaves Danny and Mindy wondering exactly where they’re headed next, and a particularly tone-deaf conversation with Peter leaves Mindy wondering if she can convince Danny to name their baby Beyonce Pad Thai…because yes, Mindy Lahiri is pregnant.


This is an episode full of costume changes for Mindy. I’m not even covering all of them, because there were tons of “Let’s have fun in San Francisco!” montages that I couldn’t screencap. Let’s just kick things off with Mindy’s absolutely darling blue Natori pajamas.

I am always so impressed by her matching pajamas. As a woman who can rarely find matching socks, I have to give props to Mindy for keeping the top and bottom of each pair together. I love this blue on her — it just looks so rich. I know pink is Mindy’s power color, but teal’s a good second option if she ever gets sick of the Elle Woods style. 


Mindy wore a lot of blue this episode. I don’t know if it’s to signal her shift toward the west coast, but as a blue fan, I’m definitely in favor of this move. Granted, it’s not very “Mindy,” but it has resulted in multiple pieces that I covet. For example, this motorcycle jacket:

The ombre is such a fun take on the motorcyle jacket, which always feels kind of too serious. And again, tons of blue — blue sweater, blue pants, and the jacket to top it off. Who knew she owned this many shades of non pink items?


After a romantic date (but before an earthquake) Mindy wears a blue houndsooth jacket and a preppy dress.

I know I say this every recap, but for real, Mindy needs a trim. This weave is just not working. She gets a pass because it’s outweighed by this stunningly cute jacket, but…come on, Mindy. You’re going to be a mom now. Cut off like, two inches so the ends don’t look quite so artificial.

Also, we know Mindy’s a real Californian now because she just stood there during the earthquake, as all good Californians do. We just stand there, frozen like deer, wondering “How bad is this going to get? Is it worth going to a doorway?”


Mindy’s first pop of pink doesn’t come until Rob shows her the space for their potential new fertility clinic. She’s wearing a sweater with the world’s fanciest dinosaur, and I am sad that I couldn’t get a better image, because again: Mindy is wearing a Moschino sweater with a dinosaur on it.

And the dinosaur is carrying a girly purse, just like Mindy. The dinosaur basically is Mindy.


Back in New York, Danny takes Mindy to the brownstone he’s just bought. How much money does Danny Castellano have, you guys? This man owns multiple properties in New York. At this point, I’m pretty sure he’s the third largest property holder in New York, after NYU and the Catholic church.

Mindy feigns excitement over Danny’s new slum. It’s much easier for us to feign excitement over her menswear-inspired travelling outfit: an oversized sweater (with sequins!), windowpane slacks, and a windowpane printed coat. This looks ridiculously comfy, and totally appropriate for visiting a condemned building in the middle of the night.




Mindy makes a triumphant return to the practice, only to have her visit implode when she accidentally convinces Peter to move to Texas. This is Mindy’s face when Peter claims it was all her idea:

Peter’s move is, of course, devastating: not only is he adorable, but he’s become Mindy’s best friend. This is a loss not only to the practice, but to Mindy (and Mindy).


The practice is displeased with Mindy for any number of reasons (some related to Peter, some because the practice includes Beverly and Morgan). Mindy nobly withstands their insults while looking like “freaking Spring Awakening.”

I won’t go as far as Beverly and say she looks awful, but this is definitely not Mindy’s best outfit this episode. The coral’s a great color, but the peplum’s a bit much. The Mother of Pearl top, however, is so fun.


For Peter’s going away party…oh, you guys. I feel so conflicted here. Because the BCBG dress is cute. It’ just – well, you’ll see. At first, you see Mindy in a close up and you’re like, “ooh, cute dress.”

The graphic print is as understated as Mindy gets — after all, this party isn’t about her.


But then. Then we zoom out, and Mindy is wearing a fringed apron…thingy…

This is a thing that Mindy owns. Either she owns it, or she saw it and purchased it with the express purpose of ruining this otherwise super cute dress. The only — and I say only with a lot of emphasis — way I am excusing this is if the party has a Texas theme, and she thought this had a cowboy vibe.


The western-themed party theory could be legit, given that Morgan broke out his best suede vest and bolero tie for the occasion.

I’m torn, because on the one hand, I want to find a legit excuse for Mindy’s fringed apron. But, on the other hand, I love the idea that Morgan decided “Well, Peter’s moving to Texas, guess I should wear something Texan to his party.”


Nope. My love for Mindy outweighs my love of Morgan’s weirdness. I’m choosing to believe Mindy and Morgan were going themed together, because otherwise, why?

Mindy’s butt looks so good in that dress, but it’s being overshadowed by the fringe! I had to watch this very, very important scene twice; the first time I couldn’t hear the dialogue over the swishing sounds of the fringe.


After Peter’s party (and a rare Danny/Peter heart to heart), Danny comes back to Mindy’s apartment. He’s willing to change, but not enough to move to San Francisco. As they lie in bed, I can’t help overanalyzing Mindy’s pajamas. Because, you see, Mindy is wearing Eiffel tower pajamas. Bear with me, you guys:

Did anyone else immediately think of LC and The Hills when they saw these pajamas? Because my first thought was, “you’ll always be the girl who didn’t go to Paris,” one of the harshest lines in the history of reality tv. If Mindy doesn’t take this job in SF, she will be the girl who didn’t go to Paris. I’m not saying she’s moving, but I think Mindy is picking Stanford, but something else will bring her back to New York. Thoughts?