This week on AT LAST SOMEONE THREW A PARTY: Emily hosts the first party in Ex-Grayson Manor since the whole Daniel-got-shot incident, and tastefully, nobody mentions that at the party itself. Of course there’s a traditional wrinkle in the party plans, as it’s Nolan and Louise’s wedding reception and Louise is a no-show. This is because after Emily hypnotized her with her flying knives game, Louise had a vague flashback that (in combo with forged police reports from her Mama) made her believe she had really killed her Dad. In other parts of town, Jack quit being a cop and is back to bartending, Queen V’s found a new rival, and it turns out that Kim Richards from the Real Housewives summers in Montauk. Oh and Margaux’s already serving up weak sauce in the revenge (!!!) department, as anyone could have predicted. She’s just too soft-hearted to destroy anyone’s lives. Yet.


This Week’s Targets
Now that Louise is Emily’s BFF-in-law, Emily focuses in on destroying Lou’s no-good Southern fam. Meanwhile Margaux slightly targets Emily, while Victoria’s 50% saintly and 50% blackmailing her minions.

Gala/Caper of the Week
This week had both!! Emily threw a traditional Hamptons soiree, complete with a sadly off-screen ice sculpture garden; and then she pulled a Classic Clarke Caper by impersonating a health inspector to easily sneak Louise out of the psychiatric centre.

Best Dressed
There was a gala, you guys, which means gorgeous outfits on every side. Louise was a bridal stunner (with her crazy cinched waist) in white, Margaux brought her usual European flair, Nolan mixed patterns like a pro and V squeezed herself into the usz. But none of them stood a chance against Emily in her Betty Draper-style hostess gown. 

Most Soapy Moment:
Are you kidding me? How can this go to anything but NoLouise showing up to Em’s house and the knife on the table, leading up to Emily’s Takeda-inspired memory exercise that led directly to Louise getting just enough of a memory to think she’s guilty, but not enough that the audience it at all convinced. Honorable mention to Jack showing up in time to see Emily hook up with Hot Cop, because nobody ever hooks up with anyone without being caught on this show, ever.


Come back on Wednesday to see what Constance thinks of this show’s return to PARTIES and SCHEMING as well as the return of Queen V’s ex-throne!