This week on The Great Escape REVENGE(!!!): Emily and Victoria wake up in a huge human cage, held captive by Malcolm Black in exchange for his daughter, Kate. Meanwhile back in The Hamps, Louise’s mother shows up in a real (non-hallucinated) form just to threaten her to stay silent about the malaria drugging scenario. But who cares when #TeamJack (now including Hot Cop!) busts up into the Black Human Storage facility for some excellent fight choreography, including Emily’s handcuffed ninja stylings. End result: Malcolm goes the way of every other villain on this show, ever. And then Nolan saves Louise from her conservatorship by MARRYING HER!!! I know it’s a just-for-plot thing and they aren’t in love but I’d really like to see their crazy honeymoon night. AND THEN in a fairly awesome twist, Margaux is revealed to be the season’s Big Bad as she declares her intent to destroy Emily Thorne. It’s like revenge(!!!) is a contagious disease or something.


Emily’s Margaux’s Target
While basically everyone else on the show is busy, Margaux is the one left holding the REVENGE(!!!) mantle as she continues her vendetta against Emily for killing her BabyDaddy.

Gala/Caper Fight Sequence of the Week
#TeamDavid’s attack on Malcolm & co. was pretty fun, though the action only really took off when handcuffed Emily joined in on the action.

Best Dressed
Gotta hand this to Margaux’s Evil Disney Queen black and purple plunging number she wore while hiring Not Eric Bana to do some dirty deeds. The perfect accessory to her still-invisible baby bump.

Most Soapy Moment:
I’ll call this a tie between Louise’s mother’s BOMBSHELL (because bitch isn’t letting her daughter’s money go without a fight), and Margaux’s steely-eyed declaration of revenge(!!!) while gazing out a window. Because you aren’t really on a soap until you’re declaring evil plans while gazing out a window.


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