What Mindy Wore to Run into Her First…You Know…

Ah, long distance relatinships. One of the not-so-preferred things in life, right up there with grape-flavored freeze pops and velour tracksuits. This week, we see Mindy and Danny begin their long distance relationship (spoiler: one of them encourages the other to “get out there,” and it may not be who you think), Mindy runs into someone from her past, and Danny and Morgan wear matching outfits while spying on a suddenly-responsible and kid-friendly Peter. 


Mindy is concerned Danny will meet someone else while she is in California (valid concern), so she decides to call him 10 times a day (not valid or recommended). She calls him at the lab…


While hanging out…


And after what looks like some sort of conference.



I don’t think calling your long-distance boyfriend so often is a good idea. And doesn’t Min have, I don’t know, a doctoral fellowship she’s working on? However, Mindy’s lab/prof outfit choices are spot-on down to her fab glasses (I know I never looked that cute in Biology class) and killer heels. Her “hanging out” outfit is a little too shiny for my taste, but maybe she’s hoping Danny will be able to spot her through the phone. 


After some encouragement from Danny, Mindy and the newly-single Dr. Gurgler decide to head out for a night on the town. Mindy is grabbing a drink when someone grabs her…

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed after last week’s multiple ill-fitting dresses, but I think Mindy has redeemed herself with this look. Her waves look gorg and her age appro dress seems to be channeling some wonderful J.Crew/Kate Spade/Tory Burch combo with its matched/mismatched patterns and jewel-toned pinks, purples, and blues. 


And who is Mindy’s blast from the past? It’s none other than…Xander! No, not the Xander from Buffy…

Xander, the guy who swiped Mindy’s v-card back in 2004 when he did karate and had a pony-tail. 


At the time, our Mindy rocked blue contacts (remember when those were a thing?), bangs, and some kickin’ apple-bottom jeans. 

Despite the fact that Mindy is a 25-year old trolling a college campus for someone to lose her virginity to, she looks kinda adorbs and innocent here. And, while I don’t love the outfit, it could have been worse. Hello, crop tops, leggings, and UGGs.  


Once the deed is done, young Xander and Mindy talk for a bit before saying goodbye.

This moment brings up some questions for me. Like, did Xander keep his karate uniform on while they did it? Does every man-boy on every college campus own a plaid comforter? And, how long has that Big Gulp been sitting in that dorm room?


Back in 2015 and across the country, Morgan and Danny decide to hang out. Well, Morgan informs Danny that they made plans to hang on this day 3 years back, and Danny begrudgingly accepts.  Their evening soon turns investigative when they see Peter with Dr. Reed’s girlfriend, and then hear him smooth-talking someone next door. 

Danny, as per usz, is dressed kinda like an old man, but his gingham-printed shirt is fitted enough that he pulls it off. On the other side of plaid, Morgan wears an equally flattering plaid button-down (sorry if there are any haters, but I do love plaid) in a clear attempt to “match Dr. C.”


Upon hearing Peter through the wall, the boys decide to do the mature thing and call Dr. Reed so he can see the betrayal first-hand.

Just…what?…No…Is he coming from the opera or a magic show? Is he playing the Phantom of the Opera in the opera? Is that a cape?! I just noticed the cape.


In the end, Morgan and Danny are wrong (of course). Peter is just baby-sitting.

And dressed for the part, might I add. Khakis? Check. Sweater vest? Check. All he’s missing is a mini-van and a rec soccer team to drive around in said mini-van. 


Xander and Mindy have a moment, but in the end, Mindy knows that Danny is the only guy for her.

That and she doesn’t want to get her butt kicked by Xander’s jealous girlfriend who bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Kiddingggg, but it’d be cool if she did!