What Mindy Wore To Go Back to School

How did I not know that Mindy would use her Stanford fellowship to bust out her best Elle Woods-meets-Blair Waldorf schoolgirl ensembles? Why didn’t I notice before how closely Mindy’s color palette on a regular episode mirrors that of her Legally Blonde soul sister? So, Dr. L heads out to Stanford where she feels out of place, until she plays the trump card that Danny went to med school with her prof. One awkward double date later, and we all know way too much about Dr. Gurgler’s marriage. Meanwhile back home, Tamra’s animosity toward Morgan’s new FWB plays out in an inter-medical-staff charity basketball tournament. 


We all know by now that bright pink is Mindy’s power color, but this is wayyy too much of a good thing. Combined with way too much of a bad thing. Combined with a macadon baring hemline that she may have stolen from Serena van der Woodsen.

The sequins on that skirt look sort of like Coke bottles, right? And the pink polo with the pink purse (Chanel, obvz), pink earrings, pink coat and pink headband take this from charming veering into Barbie Outfit Designed by Color Blind Toddler. Luckily Danny’s there to save the day in his classic denim and fitted suede jacket. Yes, please.


Seriously, this skirt is so short it’s basically a belt. This is not a skirt for sitting in. Or standing. Or for humans. Taylor Swift Rosie the Riveter is up there on the wall like, “Look at your choices, gurl.”

And then she sees that Mindy’s choices have brought her onto Danny’s lap and Rosie’s like, “Fair enough.” 


So, Mindy’s Faux Pas #1 is misinterpreting a flyer to think that she’s headed for a kegger, not a medical lecture. And her Faux Pas #2 was deciding to wear another van der Woodsen special. 

And again I’m not loving this Herve Leger number on her. The Barbie aesthetic continues with the pink glittery trim, but this neckline is not the most flattering for her girls.

Like, this is some straight-up pancake boob action. And again with the pink earrings AND pink lippie. No mas, Mindy.


After her Elle Woods inspo gets her nowhere, Mindy reinvents herself as a Blair Waldorf type in this TOTES ADORBS schoolgirl getup complete with leather 3.1 Phillip Lim backpack. 


I’m sort of bummed that the shopping montage for this trip clearly happened during the December hiatus, because you know she’s got way more Constance Billard steez to serve up for us. Luckily, the fellowship lasts eight months.




She wears her first actual Grown Up Professional Lady clothes for a double-date with her man, her prof, and Very Special Guest Star Ana Gasteyer. My eyeballs are thankful for the lack of nuclear pink in this look, but the leather jacket and sequin detail keep it in Mindy’s more-is-more style wheelhouse.

Plus Danny’s still in that bodycon suede jacket so NO COMPLAINTS HERE.


The cringe-worthy Gasteyer foot job drama was basically worth it to get this shot of Mindy’s studded black heels.

Danny’s also wearing some sweet kicks. Mindy’s clearly been an excellent fashion influence on the man.


Then the episode ends with Mindy in hobo drag.

This look is a good reminder of why she gets so dressed up all the time: stuff her in medical scrubs for days on end, of course she gets the fashion version of cabin fever.


Upon closer inspection, this woolly coat is pretty cute. I just wish we could dress her up like a paper doll, swap out the scrubs for boho blouse and pencil skirt, along with a statement necklace, and you’ve got a sort of Mindy Goes Southwest flavor.


Still, you’ve got to respect that, even headed into major surgery, her highlights and Middleton-adjacent waves are on point.

But seriously, I know this is a show about a doctor, but we can do with 100% less scenes of people in scrubs. More Gossip Girl, less Grey’s Anatomy, pls.