This week on AMERICAN HORROR STORY: MONTAUK: After weeks without a decent gala, everyone unleashes their pent-up amazeballs fashion for Daniel’s funeral a.k.a. social event of the season. Emily and David pull Jack into a Classic Clarke Scheme by covering up Daniel’s death by conveniently removing Fake FBI Agent Lady/Evil Dude’s Daughter. Seems like the only way to do this is to posthumously vilify Daniel, which Queen V is not all about. What she is about is using Louise’s creepy obsession with her to get some intel from Nolan (to be fair, Nolan had previously sold out Louise, so I think they’re even now). Emily pulls off an Oscar-worthy performance to Hot Cop, half-lying and half-telling the truth about how “she” “shot” “Daniel.” And then? Margaux pulls out the Crazy French Bitch we all knew she had inside as she “makes it her life’s mission” to prove Emily is a murderer.


Emily’s Target
She’s working with Jack and Nolan (and sort of David?) to track down The Initiative Malcolm Black, a plotline that is mostly blah blah at the moment, TBH.

Gala/Caper of the Week
Emily, Jack, Nolan and David all get super spy moments this week, not only covering up who really killed Daniel, but also hiding the fact that Fake FBI Lady was ever in Montauk to begin with.

Best Dressed
While Margaux slayed in her Sad Lady Secretary buttoned-up funeral attire, Louise threw out all the stops with her mini-parasol (!) Lorde-adjacent lippie (!!!) and cleave-baring van der Woodsen ensemble. Don’t even get me started on her little gloves OR her previous mourning HAIRBOW. This girl is my EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

Most Soapy Moment:
It’s a tie between a) Margaux storming into Em’s house (pregnant, in a skintight dress) to scream at Emily that she was now making it her “life’s goal” to destroy her and b) Victoria slapping David mid-argument. Because it’s been way too long since we got a sweet Queen V bitchslap.


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