What Mindy Wore When She Thought She was Getting Engaged

‘Tis the season for…fake TV engagement plotlines! After some crazy (like, seriously crazy) but skilled (like, seriously skilled) snooping, Mindy mistakenly believes that Danny is planning to propose to her. When she finds out that isn’t the case, she instead applies for an eight month Stanford fellowship while in the meantime, wearing the best outfits of maybe the entire season. I mean, who needs a husband when you get to wear the most beautiful custom-fit dark green jeweled dress for your office holiday party? Trust us, Mindy: YKYLF knows right where your priorities should be and it doesn’t fit on your ring finger.


Favorite thing about the beginning of the Mindy Project? It’s almost ALWAYS a montage. And a montage equals COSTUME CHANGES.

In this case, we start out with Mindy looking pretty drunk-in-love in this adorable mint green pajama set.


Going backwards in Bey’s discography, drunk-in-love turns into CRAZY-IN-LOVE when she’s desperate enough to go through every jewelry store for someone to recognize Danny. 

Fortunately, she still looks incredibly put together. I mean, that lace collar, those earrings, that mixed plaid dress? 


And to top it off, a Chanel bag and a yellow coat. It’s just ridiculous.

What else is ridiculous is this extremely sparse and beautiful Park-Avenue-Apartment looking jewelry store. Does no one just go to Tiffany’s anymore?


Crazy-in-love turns into Obsession (get it?) when Mindy inspects all of Danny’s credit card statements because he happens to be the only person under 50 who doesn’t check his statements online.

Love this casual plaid sweater and headband look. Perfect for engagement ring snooping.


But it’s a good thing Danny doesn’t check his statements online, because then Mindy is able to TAPE THE SHREDDED PIECES TOGETHER AND DISCOVER SHE IS GOING TO BE ENGAGED.

Ignoring the crazy of that statement, she is wearing yet another pair of adorable PJs.

Sidenote: is it just me or do all the Tuesday Night FOX ladies have some serious PJ game???


Mindy continues to up her holiday game in this red-on-red ensemble.

I don’t know if Mindy Kaling is a wizard, but there is some real sorcery going on with this outfit. Every component is perfect to me, including that bow belt and those different shades of red. Though what is going on with her shoulder in that top? Am I crazy or is that blouse not really fitting her shoulder properly?


Of course, we know she’s not going to get proposed to but it’s great to see how perfect she looks when she thinks she is going to be.

She has GOT to have an entire section in her apartment just for statement earrings and hair pieces.


She’s offered a recommendation for a fellowship at Stanford, which she almost turns down (and, in turn, lets down every woman in the world) because she thought she was getting engaged. 

Luckily, she throws on her Chanel jacket, perfectly fitted plaid dress, Wreath Witherspoon, and decides to buck up and take it.


I mean, THANK GOD, right, guys? Because this PLAID DRESS is EVERYTHING and San Francisco NEEDS TO SEE IT.

Danny makes the mistake (anyone surprised yet?) of thinking that Mindy only decided to take the fellowship to guilt him into marrying her. To make matters worse, Mindy gets Ken Burns to create a documentary of Danny’s life. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was probably one of the best cameo appearances ever in the history of TV.

AND we get to see Mindy in this, probably one of the best holiday party dresses ever in TV history. Again, not exaggerating.

I mean, I literally wouldn’t change one thing from this outfit. Not only does the dress fit her like a glove, but her hair and earrings are simple enough to make this EXTRAORDINARY. LOVE LOVE LOVE #DEAD


Danny screws up Mindy’s chances of getting the fellowship (which, I just have to say out loud, is pretty EFFING LOW of him) but fixes things by writing a recommendation himself. 

Another casual Mindy look for the books. Snaps for this patterned sweater.


If you follow Mindy Kaling on Instagram, you know that Mindy Lahiri gets the Stanford fellowship, but it’s worth seeing how fake happy she is in this cute plaid sweater.


Now that Mindy and Danny aren’t engaged, is anyone concerned what will happen when she moves to Stanford? Will they stay together? Will she meet another man? And more importantly, will she still be dressing like a New Yorker? I don’t think I can deal with a Charmed or Full House wardrobe.