This week on EVERYBODY DIE NOW: Buh-bye Lady Agent (who is not actually an FBI agent, but rather is posing as one while being manipulated by Malcolm Black, WAIT NO, she’s actually Malcolm Black’s daughter and is trying to shake down David Clarke). Anyway, after an epic cat fight with Emily, she gone. And who gets caught in the crossfire but Daniel, who happened to be strolling on the beach thinking about his feelings. There was a lot of character development for Daniel this episode, which obviously meant he wasn’t long for this world. But the real tragedy in all this is that Margaux will probably now lose the baby amongst all the grief, and we’ll be denied seeing her take on maternity wear.


Emily’s Target
Lady Agent Kate, whom Emily suspects is hiding a secret. We were treated to a fun spy-tech montage while Emily infiltrated Kate’s hotel room, doing things with a fingerprint scanner thingy, and some whale cam-shaped scotch tape secret camera thingies

Gala/Caper of the Week
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, WE ACTUALLY HAD A PARTY THIS WEEK! Sadly, Nolan’s beach club bash was a mere ghost of Victoria’s soirees. I guess the show blew their budget on spy tech thingies.

Nolan’s Bon Mot
“When does anything ever go right for the host of a Hamptons party…with you on their guest list?” BURN.

Best Dressed
You’d think it might be Nolan at the dock, or even Nolan at his party, but this week it was Emily at the party, all gorgeously gold and disco retro. Golf claps for a solid fashion episode, wardrobe team.

Most Soapy Moment:
David made a sneak appearance at said party, whispering around a corner to Emily about his Larger Plan. And just when she turned around, poof — he was gone.


Come back on Wednesday to get Ann‘s recap on the show’s return to decent fashion.