What Mindy Wore to Match Her Bestie

Peter becomes the boy next door when he weasels his way into Danny’s apartments, (yes, apartmentS, plural) which culminates in not only a) an awkward moment in the shower, but also b) a rager in Danny’s spare apparentment, BUT ALSO c) all sorts of relaysh issues for Mindy. Meanwhile, Jeremy channels his inner Hugh Grant in About a Boy as he fumbles with his newfound step-daddyhood.


Mindy and Peter visit his bachelors pad in matching blue outfits. Are they like the Regina George and Cady Heron of Shulman and Associates?

They would totally be all “on Wednesdays we wear blue” in the hospital cafeteria Well, maybe not. I can’t imagine Mindy eating hospital food. More likely at the nearest hot dog stand.


Although Peter’s roommates could take some styling tips from him. Hey gents? Boxers are not pants.


BTW, Is Peter out pattern-mixing the Queen of Patterns? If only he was as good at making life decisions as he is at making stripes and plaid look effortless together. Observe:

Damn, even his pants match. These pattern-mixing skills set an unrealistic precedence for the average heterosexual male.


Surprisingly, Mindy doesn’t do much pattern mixing this week, but she does wear some sick dresses. Case in point, this gorge coral Issa dress with matching accessories. 


Equally adorable: another Issa dress, this time in shades of turquoise and orange.

It was in this chic outfit that Mindy happily evicted Peter after learning that Danny wants to combine his apartments for “family”. Except…Mindy finds out that the family he had in mind isn’t so much mini-Mindannys but rather, his needy mother. Ouch, girl. OUCH.


But back to Peter. How could Mindy evict someone so adorable/stylish? And they even match again. #twinsies


 Also popular this week: sweaters. At least MP is in the correct season, unlike the confusing weather patterns of Rosewood. I definitely prefer Mindy’s grey knitwear with heart patches over the maroon patterned PJs (although stabbing your boyfriend with a drill bit = not a good idea).


Later, Peter throws a crazed, coaster-less party in Danny’s spare apartment (aka CASA DE PETER). Mindy confronts Peter in her umpteenth sweater this week, with a pattern reminiscent of a black and white beehive. I do like the spotted leggings, though.


Her later choice is minimally better, although I’m not loving the lack of colors/patterns/general Mindyness of this outfit. And is that a mountain sweatshirt? I miss her “shopping is my cardio” shirt. Bring that back, pls.


In the land of B-plots, Jeremy (hey chap, almost forgot you were on this show. Welcome back!) grapples with babysitting his girlfriend’s child, but is saved by resident baby whisperer, Morgan. Jeremy’s grey trench and “men’s peasant shirt” are less nanny attire and more rumbled Hugh Grant. 

Seriously, could he look more British?


His babysitting bro, Morgan, reps the Americas in a Western style, turquoise plaid button down. I’m gonna give this matchup to the Brit, although Morgan does get bonus points for coordinating with the baby.

So, family was an important theme this week. Jeremy bonded with a baby, and Mindy and Danny are taking the next major step as a couple: maybe possibly deciding to think about maybe moving in together. Is Mindy’s dream proposal on the horizon, or will Danny’s cold feet slash our her rom-com happy ending?