This week on THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE THE INITIATIVE 2.0: Hey, remember Police Chief Alvarez, a very important character who we most definitely didn’t just meet this week? Me neither, despite like every character talking like we’re all meant to know who he is. And maybe he’s bad news? Maybe he’s the guy after David? Although the guy who’s after David is described like “Conrad, but even worse” and NOBODY CARES. This show seriously needs to cool it with the conspiracies involving anyone other than the main cast. Anyways, on the other side of town, Jack’s getting hot and heavy with his new FBI Lady Friend, who’s secretly working for Queen V to bring down Emily! (I think?) Anyway, Emily and Daniel continue to win us all over with their radically honest, sociopathic post-divorce flirtations but MARGAUX’S PREGNANT, Y’ALL so the #EmDan ship may have just sailed.



Emily’s Everybody’s Targets
Emily’s going after Alvarez, who may also be the guy who’s after David, or at least aligned with him. Victoria’s going after Emily, as per ever. And Margaux’s going gangbusters against attempted-sauna-murderer Louise.

Gala/Caper of the Week
Nolan snuck a high-tech tracker into the glass of water he fed to Emily’s basement hostage before setting him free! That’s the sort of good old-fashioned shenanigans we tune in to this show to see.

Nolan’s Bon Mot
“As a man without many friends, I try not to take any for granted.”

Best Dressed
Yet again, Margaux steals the show with her tone-on-tone bodycon look. It’s not that she doesn’t look faboosh — she does, obviously — but if nobody else steps it up in the fashion department we may need to get rid of this heading because there’s just no competition for her anymore.

Most Soapy Moment:
It takes a lot to out-soap Victoria and David’s constant raspy passive-aggressive conversations, but I was actually surprised at Margaux’s pregnancy reveal. No better way to reveal being knocked-up than screaming it in anger at the dude you just broke up with.


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