What Mindy Wore to Play Matchmaker

When Mindy and Danny’s new erotic bathing habit is interrupted by his devotion to his mother (and vice versa), our gal hatches a scheme to get Annette to smother a different dude. And in this case, the dude in question is an about-to-retire Doc whose client list Mindy’s practice is trying to snag. But it turns out Annette needs to get several decades’ worth of dating to get out of her system, which leads to her joining not-OKCupid, which leads to her falling for… Morgan? And of course, like every week, Mindy throws more fashion into a half-hour sitcom than other shows do in an entire hour (*cough* Revenge so far this season *cough cough*).


Just to remind us what show this is and who’s the Queen, Mindy’s first look is this gorge wrap dress + Xena Warrior Princess style belt. And of course she pulls it off because: Mindy.

Also: last week’s bangs are apparently dunzo. I like to think that they’ve already grown out. We already know her hair grows freakishly quickly — remember the pixie she rocked for like two weeks? 


This next look was maybe my fav of the week. This is like the sartorial equivalent of an Escher painting. At first, it sorta looks like she’s working the houndstooth H-to-T with a sort of Flintstones ripped-off green thing over top. But it’s so much better than that.

Girl’s werking two B&W patterns, actually. The top is sort of a swirled paisley thing, with the green playing off of the rest of it. Then because she can, she also throws in those two-tone B&W shoes. And then she throws down this adorbs pinup-adjacent pose and I’m just bowing down to the master mistress.


Aaaand then this happens. Not just that Annette Castellano decides to join not-OKCupid, but Mindy…I can’t even. We’ve got the ill-fitting high-waisted snakeskin skirt, the too-baggy fuschia top (that’s also, I think, see through?), and then the outfit-inappropes leather jacket. Too much, nothing goes together, it’s a weird off-day for Dr. L here.

Though I will note that Peter looks dapper in his patterned shirt and sweater vest. Men: you can never go wrong with a sweater vest.


But frankly, was anyone paying attention to Mindy in this ensemble when we’ve got this eye candy to look at? Can I please come come to find Chris Messina perched on my countertop with a bunch of flowers, hygiene be damned?

I’m like 95% swoonsies, 5%… could you not put your gorgeous denim-clad ass where I dice the carrots?

And of course his flowers match her (OK in another outfit but not so much here) top:

See, when you can’t see how the skirt and shirt don’t go and how the proportions are all off, she looks hella cute. Note the pop of bright pink bag (with chain trim) that matches both the flowers AND her top.


Sooo is it any surprise, really, that hot pink is her go-to color for this makeover of Danny’s Mom? And HOW CUTE IS THIS RED PLAID TOP?

This top makes me want to wrap myself up in a fleece throw and double-fist eggnog lattes while combo power-shopping and curling up with a bottle of wine. In other words: this top is the Perfect Winter Look and I want one in every color.


What’s that? Oh yeah, the plot. So, what happens is that Mindy tries to stop Annette’s late-in-life slut spiral by getting just-dumped-by-Tamra Morgan to Catfish her. Unfortch, Annette’s drawn to Morgan’s joie de vivre and Morgan’s a little too into the idea of being Danny’s sorta-stepdad. So then this Double Date From Hell ensues.

Even the patterned pop of bright pink beadwork on Mindy’s dress can’t save us all from the AWKWARD. Important to note: that’s not a back cutout, that’s just the way the wooden chair’s resting on her back. You know Mindy wouldn’t wear anything that revealing, especially out to dinner.


Meanwhile, Annette’s self-selected date outfit combines her instinctive terrible Staten Island taste with Mindy’s influence, giving us a colorful top along with a tragic jacket. 

And…sorry, distracted by this view of Danny’s denim. 


Is it just me, or has this show super gotten its groove this season? Some combo of Danny’s nonstop puppydog eyes + Mindy’s fearless fashion game + hilariousity = one of the best comedies currently on TV. Or again, maybe I’m just still distracted by Danny in those jeans. #DatAssTho