What Mindy Wore When She Mentored Young Minds

Apparently, Mindy’s been ignoring the “teaching” part of “teaching hospital.” You know that if this were 6 years ago, she would have been all about living out her own personal Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, after Jean demands Mindy actually, y’know, do her job, Mindy fails at mentoring a shy girl and ends up with a sexual discrimination complaint filed against her by cocky star student TJ. Mindy’s teaching leaves Danny stranded in her apartment, where he finds Mindy’s diary, spills red wine on said diary, and then asks Jeremy to forge a copy. When the boys read an entry that reveals Mindy would like Danny to propose by Christmas, Danny almost cuts and runs…but because Danny is THE BEST MAN ON TV, he stays the night in Mindy’s apartment. (For those of you not keeping up, Mindy’s apartment = metaphor for commitment.)


After a head-to-toe tickle fight ends with Mindy getting kicked in the eye, Mindy starts the episode in a sparkly pink eyepatch. The rest of the outfit is secondary. All that matters is, sequined eyepatch.

Danny asks why she already owned the eyepatch. I’d like to think she had to wear a boring black eyepatch after she got the grease from a hot calzone in her eye, and she’s been prepared ever since.


The rest of the outfit is your standard Mindy patterned, maybe ill-fitting outfit. In this case, the dress is saved by the oversized bubblegum pink vest and a spectacular pair of drop earrings.

I’m relieved that Mindy finally admitted she’s got a dead girl’s hair, because her extensions have been eating away at me for weeks. I just want her to get a trim, because she is drowning in hair right now. I’m loving the color — check out those caramel highlights! — but she needs to let three inches go.


Date night at Mindy’s means a plaid shirt and an overall dress I’m pretty sure she scored at Hot Topic.

There’s a lot of zippers going on here, but I love that Mindy just goes for it. “Zippers and belts on an overall minidress? Not busy enough. Maybe some buffalo check will make Danny feel comfortable in my adorable apartment.”


And you guys? Her apartment is ADORABLE. After so many weeks at Danny’s, I’d forgotten just how covetable every inch of Mindy’s apartment is.

So Mindy. Start with a basic silhouette then add a million patterns. If anyone can source every single one of those throw pillows, my apartment would appreciate it.

But seriously, if Mindy moves in with Danny and they move into Danny’s CB2, super-austere apartment, I am going to have some issues. Then I’m going to call the props department to see if I can buy the entire set.


Mindy gets hit with a sexual discrimination complaint while wearing this super-girly bubblegum duo. Is this the most understated pattern we’ve seen from Mindy?

A simple windowpane brings some menswear undertones, but the pink pencil skirt is overpoweringly feminine. If it hit a few inches higher, it would give Mindy a waist and be oh-so-Joan Holloway, but as it stands, the combo is a little boxy for my tastes.


Earring watch: Mindy mirrors the windowpanes her top with cushion cut drop earrings.

I love Mindy in jewel tones, way more than the baby pinks they often put her in, so the deep purple of the stones makes me very happy.


For wooing over TJ, the cocky complaint-filer, Mindy stops by the hospital gym. You can tell she’s not a regular gym-goer, because a low side pony is super cute but definitely not treadmill hair.

Love the flower pattern sweatshirt with mustard accents, though. You know she bought this four years ago, thinking that she would wear it to the gym like, all the time.


Mindy might have been disappointed that Danny got down on one knee to scold her for her politics, not propose, but it did allow us a rare treat: a full shot of Mindy’s date outfit!

Having just found a denim jacket in the recesses of my closet, I’m feeling deeply vindicated that Mindy considers the Gap classic suitable datewear. And those bright red booties! I have no idea how versatile they are for other outfits given how many pastels Mindy owns, but with the red lace shorts and the cherry-print blouse, the booties are a perfect touch.


They’re in the classic blue and white of residents, but let’s take a look at the Benneton ad which is Mindy’s students.

Can you guess which one is TJ? Here’s a hint: he’s the one who looks like a smug bastard. Also, he’s the only dude. But mostly, he’s obnoxious, and I’ll be honest: I kind of hated the whole plotline, except it gave us a moment of beauty: Tamra doing a British accent.

There are a lot of times when I just don’t get why Mindy and Danny are together. This moment, when Tamra decided to put on a British accent to be a doctor…I 100% got why she and Morgan are a couple. If every episode can have just like, one random Tamra moment, I’d be happy. Also, note the patterend blouse.I’m pretty sure Tamra just figured if she dressed like Mindy and talked like Jeremy, she’d be fine.


Speaking of Jeremy, he was GQ-quality as always.

If there is a special costuming award for “Best Pattern Mixing,” it may as well be renamed “The Mindy Project Award.”


Danny’s restricted to hoodies and some basic blue button downs, but who cares about those looks when he gives Mindy THIS LOOK:

She asks if he’s going to stay or go, totally oblivious to the fact that Danny is in UTTER TURMOIL over her diary entry. Danny gives her this look — total devastation as he gets cold feet about moving forward on the relationship. You guys, full disclosure, I am more invested in their relationship than in most of my past relationships. So when Danny left Mindy’s apartment, and she went to lie down totally oblivious to what it meant that Danny went home…I wasn’t even sure I could keep watching, because it was just too devastating.

BUT THEN. BUT THEN. He came back, scolded Mindy for not locking her front door, and told her to “scootch over” because she was on his side of the bed, and everything was okay again. I don’t care that the only book in Mindy’s apartment is written by Kim Catrall, and Danny watches 4 hour documentaries on Old Faithful. If these two don’t have a million babies and live happily ever after, I am quitting TV forever and joining a nunnery devoted to St. Nora Ephron, our Lady of the Meet Cute.