What Jess Wore When She Finally Gave In To The Hot Teacher

BOYS NIGHT! Wait, that’s the B-plot. While Jess and Coach were at a teacher’s conference, Schmidt, Winston and Nick celebrated with a boys’ night, complete with sangria, love songs, and teaching Schmidt how to do laundry. Meanwhile, Jess found out that hot British teacher Ryan was staying in the hotel room next to hers, and thus made it her top priority to not give in to his good looks, heart-melting charm, and impeccable British accent. All went well until Jess learned that Ryan knits, teaches his sister to read, rescues scared health teachers from the hotel pool, AND likes Jess back. So there goes that plan.


Jess began her day in a really cute dress, nervously convincing herself not to sleep with Ryan. How could he ever resist someone who dresses so nicely?

The dress is cut beautifully, and the color bring’s out Jess’s beautiful doe eyes. A+ for accessories as always — a nicely placed belt that thins her silhouette and matches the colors.


Nick and Winston took advantage of Jess’s absence by wrestling on the dining room table with shoes on, like real adults.

I’m very proud of Winston for stepping up his outfits. More colored, patterned button ups – almost like a mix of Nick’s plaid and Schmidt’s classy button downs. Nick stuck to basics with a blue shirt and corduroy pants, but I kind of like the “bartender in his 30’s who desperately needs to find a girlfriend” look. It’s starting to look good on him!


Schmidt didn’t have time for childish games on tables because he was too busy being the housewife that he truly is. He made sangria.

Look at how pleased he is! He forgot about his suits for the week and opted for a more casual outfit that was perfect for lounging around in a loft with his roommates.


They’re all so cute and happy that I almost forgot that they were talking about how Nick doesn’t know how to love…a few smiles and a fort in the living room masks the true issues in life quite well!


Meanwhile, Jess arrived at the teacher’s conference and made it her duty to avoid Ryan at all costs. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, she got paired up with him in a trust excersize and ended up in his arms. *Swoon* Look at that perfect collar and flawless jaw line. Ryan is an expert at dressing down yet making it look flawless. And he’s British. And he knits. What else could a girl want?

Jess’s dress was a beautiful red and had Little House on the Prairie vibes, which suited very well with her innocent attitude. The scarf used as a blindfold in the excersize was (as always) a perfect accessory, and it probably wasn’t even hers. What I would do to be so effortlessly fashionable all the time…


I mean look at this perfect princess dress! It even looks fabulous when she’s sitting down.

Bonus points for an adorable phone case too. Can Jessica Day be my teacher / fashion guru?


Coach attended the conference wearing… a patterned button down!!! No sweatshirts in sight. He looked very clean and dapper and fit in perfectly with the other teachers.

It was almost too good to be true to see him in a professional setting, so of course he had to get drunk and attempt a flip off of a roof into a pool. Classic.


Ryan has to be perfect in every way, so we had to see him be a hero and dive into the pool to save Coach.

Look at that slicked back hair and the wet button down. So dreamy.


As if Ryan couldn’t get more perfect, he helped Jess take care of Coach in a bathrobe with scruffy hair.



The next day, it was time to go home, and Jess wore a perfect dress with a vintage vibe to be Coach’s co-pilot (and make Ryan fall head over heels of course).

Her little purse matched the borders of the dress (of course) and her perfect curls bounced as she KISSED RYAN. IT HAPPENED. She tried to tell him that she wasn’t interested, and clearly Ryan saw that as a blatant lie and kissed her. So romantic!! Coach looked on, hungover and back to his sweats, and probably started rethinking his life a little bit.


I mean… isn’t this the most perfect outfit to wear for a first kiss? He looks like he hopped right out of a magazine. Swoon x1000.

A beautiful man, a fashionable Jess, and a match made in heaven.