This week on GREY’S HAMPTONS ANATOMY: After last week’s slight electrocution scenario, Vicky G’s pulling her usual melodrama as the world’s evillest hospital invalid. Jack’s getting flirty looks from the new FBI agent in town, who just happens to be investigating the dude Charlotte killed. Emily and her Dad are at odds about her lack of concern for Victoria’s life, then bond over their shared ninja skills, but ultimately he dumps her “for her own good.” Meanwhile, Louise’s antics become Fatal Attraction-adjacent with her shower surprise for Daniel. And all of our shipper dreams came true when Nolan teams up with Margaux (who he calls MARGIE) to bring down Chesty McCrazyboobs. And just when you think that’s all that can be crammed into an hour of show, Emily trudges down into her Dexter dungeon to TORTURE A GUY WITH A RED HOT POKER LITERALLY.

Emily’s Victoria’s  David’s Louise’s Margaux’s Target
Basically everyone on this show’s got a vendetta against someone else. This week, the fabbest Frenchwoman on TV steps up to try and take down Chesty McCrazypants. She’s not successful (yet) but I appreciate her trying.

Gala/Caper of the Week
None of either!! How long has it been since this show had a party? This is Revenge(!!!), not Sadface People Gaze Upon One Another In Business Casual Hour.

Nolan’s Bon Mot
“Oh, no no no no no. Can’t I just have a normal friend??”

Best Dressed
We’re reaching the point in the season where I’m considering just giving this to Margaux permanently. I mean yes, her art nouveau secretary ensemble was simply gorge, but it’s getting a little unfair how nobody else even gives her a run for her money anymore. Step it up, wardrobe department! 

Most Soapy Moment:
This one goes to Queen V’s baller move of unplugging her heart rate monitor just in time to distract David from getting to talk with Emily. Am I the only one thinking she staged her own electrocution as well, for the same reason? BALLER MOVE.

Come back Wednesday to see what Constance has to say about this week’s raspy-voiced confrontations and nautical looks.