What Mindy Wore When She Caught Her Boyfriend’s Mother Shoplifting

Now that Mindy and Danny are — still surprisingly — a real couple, Mindy is super chummy with Danny’s mom, aka the Best Part of Season 3. However, while Mindy takes Annette bathing suit shopping, she catches Annette stuffing a bomber jacket into her purse….which makes her conflicted on whether or not to tell Danny, who happens to be the only human in the world who doesn’t download files illegally. Meanwhile, the 2nd Best Part of Season 3 comes back as Abby, Peter’s new girlfriend aka “The Matthew McConaughey of Romance Novels,” who actually leaves the show after realizing she’s a bigger partier than him. Welp. Alright, alright, alright. Makes you wonder if last week’s episode of Peter’s dramatic gesture of winning her back meant anything. Anything at all.


Wait, haven’t I seen this scene before? Oh my God, Danny and Mindy are so different, blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaahhh. YAWN.

I do LOVE how Mindy’s nails match her PJs. Also, does anyone else wonder why they never stay at Mindy’s place anymore? 


Eating spaghetti at Annette’s place, Mindy throws on a circa 2003-ish denim jacket over a bright green dress. Probably one of the first Mindy outfits that actually makes me a little concerned…


Fortunately, she turns it around. Because suddenly I’m seeing one of the first Mindy outfits that make me want to literally rip it off the TV screen. 

I love love LOVE this outfit. The Tory Burch bug-print shirt, the blue blazer and of course…


…No Mindy outfit is complete without a pair of perfectly matched bright earrings.




Ugh. So perfect. 

There should be a new fashion rule about always matching your skirts to your earrings. Seriously.


So Mindy and Annette go shopping for a new swimsuit, which turns out to be way more than Mindy bargained for…

But actually, I don’t think this suit is that bad on Annette. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone?


Not only is she brave enough to wear a strappy silver bathing suit to “Synchronized Seniors Aqua Disco,” Mama C is also ballsy enough to stuff this bomber jacket into her massive yellow purse.


Which Danny LOVES. The jacket, that is.


Like, seriously, unhealthily loves.

Relax, Maverick.


Mindy tries to figure out whether to tell Danny that his mother is Winona Ryder-ing it, which might be easier to do while wearing this GORGEOUS yellow jungle-print dress. Bad news is so much better when delivered in happy prints.


Said dress also totally works with this yellow Lafayette 148 jacket.

Maybe a little too Dick Tracy, though?


After accusing Annette of stealing Tamra’s charm bracelet, Mindy is left with no choice but to spill the beans. When no one believes her, Danny orders her to attend an “appology dinner” at Annette’s house, wearing the most modest black outfit she owns. Which, according to her, was an old Catwoman costume. 

Obviously, she scrounged this up somewhere in her closet — a demure black lace dress, which looks fantastic on her. Along with those Chanel earrings and that headband.


After Annette admits she took the jacket, they head back to the store to return it. Mindy kills it in this scene with this tan Vince leather jacket, bright pink top and mid-length Prada skirt.

And is that a Chanel chain I see? Do I even need to ask?


So all is forgive all around, and Mindy and Danny manage to survive another episode. Again. And another adorable animal sweater. Again.


Sidebar: Danny’s right. Peter is TOTALLY dressed like the male version of Mindy.

Cupcake vest? Mindy be all over that. Wardrobe Department: please, please, please have Mindy wear this same vest at some point in the season. Don’t even make mention of it. Just a quick pass in the scene will be thrilling enough.