This week on SOMEONE’S BUILT A NEW SET: Suddenly, everyone’s all about The Only Spa In The Hamps, which is the site not only of Louise’s near-murder of Margaux, but is also home base for Nolan’s latest hacking scheme. Of course the big development was David met Emily… and totally didn’t recognize her. So our gurl contines her investigation of his missing years, which includes a fun elevator bank heist. Then a wind storm tears through town, trapping Nolan in the spa overnight AND electrocuting Queen V which, frankly, she deserved for thinking she could outsmart Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. But anyway, I think The Spa is a way better meeting place than Jack’s bar ever was and the new development that Nolan owns the spa gives me hope it can become like the new Peach Pit.


Emily’s  Victoria’s David’s Louise’s Target
With the Clarkes and Graysons all aiming their machinations at one another, Louise is the only one with a really epic scheme this week as she tries to steam Margaux to death so as to become Queen V’s surrogate daughter.

Caper of the Week
Emily and Nolan get their Oceans 11 on this week with a bank heist with a seven-minute time limit. Bonus snaps for Nolan’s laidback hacking from the spa lounge, as well as to Ems for scaling an elevator shaft in 4″ heels.

Best Dressed
With everyone running around in ninja hoodies, spa robes and/or police uniforms, the winner this week is YET AGAIN Margaux. I don’t remember her dress that well, but damn if she didn’t look amazing throwing that drink in Daniel’s face.

Most Soapy PLL Moment:
So… A totally locked one of the Pretty Little Liars in a sauna like that, right? Shout out in the comments if you remember which Liar it was and in which episode. It was a decent try, but Louise is no MonA… at least not yet.


Come back Wednesday for L-A‘s take on this week’s low key fashions and spa shenanigans.