What Mindy Wore to be late for everything

This week on The Mindanny Show, the couple engaged in a lover’s quarrel over Mindy’s constant lateness. Caramel Princesses wait for no one, Castellano. Meanwhile, Peter continues to be a semi-horrible person and ditches a girl because she’s not supermodel hot. Peter, your ladyluv Natalie Portman would throw up if she saw you, big guy. Remember that. And apparently Mindanny have been together for 7 months?! That has to be a milestone for Lahiri and her constant buffet of hot, white men. May I have your leftovers, Mindy?


Also constant on this show: pattern mixing. Mindy’s closet is surely a heavenly confection of every print and color known to man. I’m guessing it would give you a headache if you stared at it too long.

Mindy runs late to The Godfather Part II (a movie that apparently nobody on this show — but Danny — has seen) in this turquoise houndstooth jacket paired with a multicolored body con dress with a matching neckline, and pink accessories. Danny looks equally adorable in his letterman jacket and pouty face:


Caramel Princess Time strikes again at work the next morning. I could not get a full shot of her outfit (tragic, I know) but Mindy seems to be pairing a patterned blouse and skirt with blue accessories and a taupe trench. Is blue replacing pink as her statement color?


Later, Danny ditches Mindy at the comedy club in this chic beaded halter dress. I’d be pissed, too, if I got (sorta) stood while looking that good. What a waste of makeup.


As payback the next day, Mindy gives Danny the cold shoulder while wearing this black and white outfit. What doctor wears shorts to work in real life? Attention Dr. Zoe Hart and Mindy Lahiri — continue to popularize this trend, pls.


After lusting every week over her hot pink Chanel, I now have a new love to obsess over: this gorge white Chanel. Mindy must have unearthed all her white accesories/patterned clothing items from her closet this week for the purchase of this beauteous bag. I would do that, too.

Mindy channels her inner schoolgirl for her devious plan in polka dots and a matching headband, but toughens up the girly look with a fierce leather jacket. Perfection.


Meanwhile, Danny wear his umpteenth hoodie but it’s for legit workout gear, so I’ll forgive him.


After a public spat with Mindy, Danny is forced to reveal his anger issues at an intense sesh with faux Dr. Brendan. Apparently Mindy’s Caramel Princess Time rehashes Castellano’s childhood traumas.

He shares this vulnerable side in ANOTHER hoodie. Seriously, Danny? Invest in some new casual wear.


While Danny’s getting touchy-feely, Mindy babysits Danny’s mom for a day, and ends her shift mulling over her newfound hatred of Caramel Princess Time. Again, hot pink Chanel, this time with a matching trench. These bags, they kill me! I dream of a day when I own Chanels in every color of the rainbow.


I do not, however, covet her new Staten Island hairdo. Danny finds it kind of hot, and reconciles with his bae in another hoodie (of course) layered under an equally boring taupe jacket. Yawn, dude. YAWN.



Switching gears to The Peter Show (is he the only character that gets subplots anymore?), where Dr. Prentice is set up on a blind date. His inner douche comes out when he ditches Abby for not being Tamara’s twin, as advertised (aka not “really tall, gorgeous and, for lack of a better word, African- American”). 

Douchiness aside, he truly looks the preppy part in this snappy suit/plaid combo. He must be learning about patterns from Mindy.


Abby also pulls out the guns in an olive body con and blazer. Look at that pre-rejection bliss. I feel your pain, Abby, I really do.


Peter has a sudden change of heart after reading her new erotica novel, quickly falling for her dirty mind. THERE’S the frat boy we know and love! He decides to woo his new lady love in more plaid…is that a multi-patterened plaid button down layered with a navy vest? He really is the male Mindy Lahiri.

Peter’s new gal may be the most normal character on this series. Sure, she writes about graphic sex for a living but on this show, that’s comparable to collecting stamps.


Wait…is that the same blazer from her date night? The show that has fashion montages consisting of six outfits in two minutes couldn’t find Abby a new jacket to wear? I’m disappointed in you, Costume Department.

But Morgan’s right, Abby IS the total package. Not because of her “Head. Shoulders. Knees. Toes. Knees and toes,” but for her sass and realness. Who’s betting that Peter will become the protagonist of her next bestseller?