What Mindy Wore When She Was Almost a Lesbian

After getting on the new hospital chief’s bad side, Mindy takes Chief Jean on a Girl’s Night Out that ends with a kiss. Danny, the voice of reason to Mindy’s cotton candy-colored id, makes Mindy set it right…only to end up having to lie along with her. In non-Lahillano plots (that’s what we call the ‘ship, right?), Peter and Jeremy go up against Shonda Rhimes at a Dartmouth beer pong tournament.


Let’s kick this off with the Almighty Creator of Olivia Pope, Shonda Rhimes.

A part of me wishes she were decked out in Pope black and white, but Dartmouth green is almost as good. She keeps her accessories simple, because when you’re playing beer pong, you don’t want anything to get in the way of your shot.


Much like my attendance at every college class ever, Mindy shows up late to a meeting with Jean, the new hospital chief. However, with her sleek blowout and adorable schoolgirl plaid, she’s got her back-to-school fashion down.

Mindy may not always chose the right silhouettes, but she nails her accessories every time. The quilted coral purse, the red belt, and the fantastic gold earrings keep the all-over plaid from looking twee. And again, that blowout — it’s a level of lush perfection that gives Arianna Grande a run for her money.


Adorable as always, Mindy goes full-cotton candy to try to win over Jean with the dual offerings of a cactus and a Girl’s Night Out.

One day, Mindy and Danny will have a townhouse with one floor devoted solely to Mindy’s accessories. That is the only appropriate venue for showcasing her nonstop fabulous handbag and earring collection. When she dies, it will be opened to the public with daily tours, lead by volunteers from the YKYLF staff.



Mindy lets the gang know that she’s gay now (without quoting Katy Perry — I’m still shocked). You can tell she’s confused, because she’s wearing an acid trip Trina Turk blouse, layered under the wavy lines from a black and white tv.

It kind of works, in that very Mindy way. It’s like her mixed patterns are Bridget Jones, and we love them, just as they are. It probably helps that she’s wearing yet another perfect set of earrings.


Mindy is faced with a major problem before meeting Jean: she can’t find a dress that she doesn’t look tempting in.

She’s flirting with herself in the mirror. Then again, if you looked like Mindy, wouldn’t you?


Danny finally convinces Mindy to dress down and tell Jean the truth. Clearly, Mindy is distressed, because she agrees to leave the house in this:

Look, I’m calling foul. There is no way, in a million years, that Mindy Lahiri owns this black and white checked business. The teal plaid from a few weeks ago? Absolutely. Sometimes you want to wear skinny jeans and a plaid shirt and ankle boots, and pretend you’re Taylor Swift during her Jake Gyllenaal phase. I get it. But this is madness, and I will not stand for it.


Within a scene, Mindy has changed into this super-cute ModCloth sheep sweater, serving as an excellent palate-cleanser…right up until Danny empties half a bottle of red on it.

Danny Castellano, if you didn’t look so smoking hot in a wifebeater and open button-down (we’ll get to that in a secon), that wine bottle would be upside your head right about now.


Mindy’s print mixing might be catching. Peter shook up his usual preppy look with a plaid shirt/sweater vest combo that suggested he’s been around Dr. L a little too long.

Maybe it’s just because I have a soft spot for preppy douchebags, but damn, Peter looked good tonight. 


Of course, not as good as Danny …

Because it always warrants repeating: whoa, Nelly.