This week on THE BURNING BAR: Guess what! Emily was rescued from the fire! Bet you didn’t see that coming. While that particular plot point was utterly predictable, I wasn’t sure whether or not Ems would cover for Charlotte, which — she did. Jack finds out the truth about Charlotte’s dalliance with arson, and after doing a little soul searching, decides that maybe it’s time to hang up his bar towel for good. Pour one on the ground for The Stowaway. In other news, blah blah Daniel is poor, and Victoria’s out to “heal her family” which means we’re treated to a David-Charlotte reunion. Also, Victoria’s buddy from Claremont, Louise, resurfaces in NYC, and after getting the brush-off from Vikki, Louise JUST HAPPENS to meet Daniel, drinking the last of his dollars in a hotel bar. Total coincidence that will not come back to haunt anyone, I’m sure.


Emily/Victoria’s Target
Same shizz, different week. Emily is out to destroy Victoria, while Victoria literally points a shotgun at Emily, and then doesn’t shoot. Something about wanting at least one more season of show to make Emily suffer?

Gala of the Week
None. Again. And if Jack’s new plans are any indication, we don’t have so much as a Stowaway Grand Re-opening to look forward to.

Best Dressed
Victoria’s super-versatile blue and black dress. It’s perfect for strolling through Manhattan while trying to scrounge up funds OR while hunkering down with your former flame in his Secret Cabin. AND! You can even pair it with a jean jacket. (I know, Victoria in denim. I’m still not over the shock.)

Most Soapy Moment:
David Clarke’s slo-mo stroll through the Secret Cabin, on his way to kill Emily Thorne! David Clarke stealthily creeping around the Grayson Manor grounds! David Clarke maybe recognizes his assumed-dead daughter’s face! Basically, Totally Not Dead David totally brings the soapy dramz.


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