What Mindy Wore When She Drugged Herself to Have Butt Sex

So, we may have been wrong about this season of the Mindy Project. Last week, we said the show’s plotlines were becoming boring and flat and we STILL STAND BY THAT. But this week’s episode may have changed the trajectory of the entire season based on one little “slip.” Not only did this nationally broadcast network television show discuss the question of “back door” sex, but it also included self-prescribed roofies, a drug hallucination scene, and eyebrows on fire. It was a lot to swallow. It’s opening up a lot of doors. …is it just me or does everything sound dirty now?


Mindy and Danny continue to live their perfect couple life, which includes Mindy’s perfect earrings collection. I love this pink and green jeweled pair, adorable with her sleeveless yellow top.


He showers her with gifts of apple pie, gold necklaces, and of course, nose hair trimmers. ‘Cause it’s all a girl’s ever wanted.

Mindy continues to look adorable in this “borrowed-from-the-boys” plaid PJ set. Though I am missing her normally bright and usually polkadotted sets, which I can see hanging on a hook in the background…


Sex is great as always until Danny, well, tries another “entrance.” He claims that he “slipped,” which Mindy doesn’t believe (obvs) and spends most of the episode trying to convince him to confess. And how can you not fess up when you’re talking to someone wearing THREE DIFFERENT PATTERNS and somehow makes it work???

HOUNDSTOOTH + PLAID + PAISLEY. Seriously. Even Tamra’s doubtful. 


Of course, she’s still up on her accessory game. I feel like no one over 30+ can really pull off headbands but I’ll give an exception to Mindy.


Doesn’t hurt to have a black Chanel crossbody either.


Eventually, Danny admits to “knocking at her backdoor,” to which, Mindy then decides to do the sensible thing and get some roofies so she can actually do it. Obviously.

I am just so obsessed with this outfit. I can’t even tell it’s two pieces, which is a sure sign that it’s PERFECTLY put-together. I love the wrap dress, the simple gold chain, the pattern, the poofy sheer sleeves.


And, of course, the earrings. Serious earring and hair coveting going on.


Mindy takes the drugs the “classy” way (with a glass of scotch) and dresses in this beautiful lingerie robe set. 


Which of course turns into this:

Peep that mani. Mindy’s solid to the bitter end.

Welp. We’ve learned a lot this episode. Like, don’t roofie yourself to do something with your boyfriend you don’t want. Always keep a colorful earring collection. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things. Like…houndstood and plaid and paisley. You might be surprised.