Part 2 of 2: The Lea Michele Show

I have to preface this post with Mercedes’ pretty blue scarf, and the fact she was kind enough to cover up her usual ten pounds of jewellery with it for me. Respect.


The  one person I actually love to hate is sidelined this episode, however, she does manage to get in shoelaces which match her bottoms, her trademark paint splattered hoodie, and silky smooth hair Olivia Pope would kill her own terrorist/spy/pop legend mother to get.

And that’s all she wrote.


The title of this post says it all: Rachel gets way too much screen time, meaning she takes scene after scene even though the episode has nothing to do with her. She gets a pass for the majesty of this tan and black times two ensemble going on below, if only because I had no idea it was even possible to match separates so exactly.


But every time something happens on the show, it’s like, “what does Rachel and her occult store tablecloth cardigan think of this plot development?”


“What does Rachel and her would-be-slutty-but-she’s-wearing-a-shrug look think of the dramz going on? We don’t know, but she’s probably going to sing about it on someone else’s dime!”


I have a lot of respect for Lea Michele as an actress (if not a lady, after the snubbing Hailee Steinfeld thing), but everything in the show is about Rachel for no apparent reason. Even Kurt’s bullying is just another excuse for her to bust out some friction with Finn and earn some animosity by attempting to boss around the Cheerios.

Also, sheer and polka dots. She tends to bust those out too.


Also, this neckline. The cranberry colour is gorgeous, and the V-shape is also gorgeous, but every single “show” dress Rachel ever wears is cut like this. I’m wondering if it’s part of Lea’s contract, or if someone needs to tell her she gets really awkward uniboob every single time.


Santana agrees with me, with her righteous From Here to Eternity half updo. This may be the one time I’ve ever seen a wrap front produce anything like cleavage, so woo Santana.


But because you should always finish with something sweet, here’s Brittana being cutie pie cheerleaders/figure skaters/gymnasts with their ribbons and not quite matchy dresses.

Also, check out Brittany’s twists. Did she become Khaleesi while we weren’t looking? I’ll just skate over the gerbera plus edible winter berry arrangement ruining the fierceness.

Skate? Like, on ice?

Because of the ribbons and—

You know what, never mind.