What Mindy Wore to Con Her Ex

Three episodes in to a new season is a little early for the plot trajectory to flatline, but The Mindy Project isn’t about to let that stop it. See, this week Mindy and Danny find out they’re keeping secrets from each other (she’s flirting with her ex, he’s legally still married), but then one of the supporting cast makes a speech to Danny about how he has to let Mindy into his life and then they reconcile. Meanwhile, blah blah Peter and his boring girlfriend and the boring handsome British doctor who still lacks a personality and—oh, what’s that? You’ve seen this episode twice already this season? Fancy that.


At least we can count on Mindy to keep the clothes varied, even if we can’t say the same for the plots. She goes through four, count ‘em four, outfits before the credits even run.

Gotta give the lady props for her ability to mix unmixable patterns. I can guarantee that I would look like a circus clown if I wore plaid with polka dots, but Mindy makes it work by tying the two together via the black and white.


As she tries to find a way to smuggle her toothbrush into Danny’s apartment, she changes into this adorable red-orange French Connection dress.

Danny Castellano, what is wrong with you? Let the lady keep her toothbrush on your sink, it doesn’t bite. And who can say no to this fierceness?


But Danny remains adamant even in the face of this houndstooth blouse with statement necklace. . . 


. . . and even the black zipfront Ann Taylor dress.

Truly he is a man of an iron heart, who will force his girlfriend to cart around an ancient wheeley suitcase before allowing her to leave her toothbrush in his home.


Meanwhile, Mindy learns that she owes the government thousands in back taxes (“You’re telling me you all pay your taxes?” she demands incredulously), so she goes to Cliff for help and tells him that she and Danny have broken up. And in an episode all about taxes and envy, she dresses on theme:

Green for money, green for jealousy. Okay, so on the one hand this is an eye-searing shade of lime green, and I frankly don’t think even Mindy can pull it off — girlfriend knows how to work her saturated colors, but this is just not doable for any human being. On the other hand, I am delighted by the idea that Mindy chooses her wardrobe based on its thematic resonance with her own life. I like to think that in the inevitable fifth season episode “Kate Middleton Is My BFF” she’ll dress entirely in purple (for royalty, obvs).


She redeems herself in this fantastic floral shift.

As soon as she appeared in this outfit everyone in my house sat up on the couch and made approving noises. There’s a reason pink is Mindy’s power color: it looks amazing on her, and this splash of pink on cream is fantastic use of it. No wonder Cliff wants to get back together with her.


What do you wear to a business meeting/date with your ex-boyfriend while your current boyfriend thinks you’re at the gym?

A Carmen Marc Valvo dress with a high neck and men’s deodorant. Fair enough. 


In the end Mindy emerges victorious, having bowed the IRS, her former, and her current to her will. To celebrate she wears ALL THE PINK.

Between the prim cardigan and the headband, this is like a Blair Waldorf outfit on acid. In other words: flawless.