What Jess Wore to Gain a New Stepmom

My main man Bobby D (Rob Reiner) is back to introduce Jess to his new lady love, and after a string of losers, Jess is hoping for the best. Unfortunately, she discovers that the new love in question is a former skanky schoolmate. Ew. And on the other side of the table, the guys are trying to help Schmidt land a client, and all seems hopeless until Nick saves the day in his own doofy way. Did anyone know that Schmidt’s company did advertising? Me neither.


Let’s start with plot line B today, kids. After not-so-subtly begging his boss to work on the new “Sponges for Men” account, Schmidt gets the worst improvisers in the world to help him with his focus group.

Nick and Coach look pretty standard in their plaid and hoodie, respectively. And Schmidt is office-ready in one of his (one can safely assume) many suits. I’m glad to see that Winston isn’t wearing those hideous Hawaiian-esque shirts like last week. Let’s hope they were burned.


While in the focus group, Nick has his eyes on the girl with the amazing hair.

And totally manages to screw up Schmidt’s chance of getting the account.


But wait! On the precipice of being fired, Nick swoops in to save the day with a little impromptu back and forth with Schmidt.

That’s what friends are for, guys. And they even color coordinate. Awwww…


Which leads to a commercial that could only be approved by Schmidt:

Moving on…


…to the main story of this episode, which is the introduction of Jess to her dad’s newest lady-friend, Ashley, wearing a gorgeous little navy floral shift. And I’m dying her little orange bag.

Cece’s looking classicly cool in a lemony joie tank and black jeans. Who else but Cece could wear that and look so put together? Not jess, but there’s no need when you have an endless supply of summer dresses. This white number is sweet and totally apporpriate for meeting the dad’s new girl. And look! Her apron matches. Totes adorbs (btw, I hate myself for loving this).




After figuring out that the girls all went to school together, there’s a really awkward brunch, that leads Jess and Cece to discover that Ashley was a sex addict.

Oh dad. You sure know how to pick ’em.


Which leads Jess and Cece to do the only rational thing in this situation: check Ashley’s phone.

Cece’s hair and makeup are perfection here, particularly Cece’s bold lip. Girl can do no wrong.


Anyway, Jess confronts Ashley, only to find out that she’s a sex therapist, and the inappropriate texts were from her clients. HATE IT when that happens, right?

I think Bobby’s raiding Winton’s Hawaiian shirt collection, but it’s much more appropriate on a 60-something man than on Winnie. And I love, LOVE Ashley’s beach cover-up. The floral, the neon, I die.


Post confrontation finds Ashley running into the arms of another man.

Oh, wait. Wrong again. That’s just her sex addiction sponsor. Wow, 0 for 2 today, Jess.


After a heart-to-heart with her dad, Jess and Bob chase after Ashley in the street where this happens. 

Never stand in the midlle of the street Jess. Didn’t your parents teach you anything?


But it adorably led to Jess helping her dad propose to Ashley (aww).

My god Jess’s dress is perfection. Gots to have it.


And with Jess’s dad getting married, and Schmidtty’s career prospects looking up, all is well in the loft.

We even get a final shot with Jess in pyjamas. Couldn’t let an episode slip by without that now, could we?