This week on Wait, Is This Back On Already? : Don’t worry if you forget what happened last season, because this premiere gives us a clean slate for basically everyone. Emily is the new Queen V, living it up in The Mansion Formerly Known As Grayson Manse. Nolan’s doing a new spiky hair thing and being the best BFF on TV. Daniel’s still gross. Margaux has new hair. Charlotte is still The Worst. And, most perplexingly for a guy last seen being arrested for kidnapping, Jack Porter is now a rookie cop (?) who definitely doesn’t look like a stripper in his uniform (he absolutely looks like a stripper in his uniform). Most importantly, Queen V’s been holed up in the looney bin this whole time. But with the help of Lisa Simpson and the sprinkler system, she’s somehow back on her doorstep — which is Emily’s doorstep now, remember. And who else is there, too? Emily’s NOT DEAD DAD!!! Who seems like bad news.


Emily’s Target
Now that Operation: Destroy Graysons is through, Emily’s at loose ends, doing some random revenging on behalf of a stranger whose fiance was killed in a yachting accident. Yeah, I don’t know.

Gala of the Week
Cementing her role as The New Queen of the Hamps, Emily takes over the big Memorial Day shindig.

Best Dressed
I luuurved Emily’s throwback/Jess Day style party dress, but did she accessorize with a chaise longue and cute dudes in sailor suits? Giving this one to Nolan’s camo suit.

Most Soapy Moment:
Can this go to any moment other than Queen V’s slo-mo strut down the hall of the psychiatric hospital, umbrella up, face totally serene as she blows that popsicle stand?


Check back on Wednesday for Ann’s full fashion recap of this newest, weirdest season of our guiltiest of pleasures.