What Mindy Wore to Meet His Mother

After a zingy season premiere, this week’s episode was pretty much a placeholder. Mindy meets Mama Castellano, they butt heads, they make up. There. I saved you the trouble of watching. ALTHOUGH, if you didn’t watch this episode, you’d miss the end, which is where Sexy Danny came out to play, and…ok. I’ll admit I never really saw his appeal UNTIL NOW. You guys were right — boy is FOINE.


Right, so, Mindy’s hanging out at Danny’s one morning, puttering around in the kitchen, when Mrs. C bursts in and mistakes Mindy for the cleaning lady.

Maybe it’s because Mindy didn’t have her now-signature chandelier earrings on? Because otherwise, this is one stylish cleaning lady. I don’t think mine has ever worn a boatneck sweatshirt in a faded plaid print.


I suppose I can forgive Annette for her misstep. Older ladies from the outer boroughs, right? LOL. They don’t know fashion.

The shades of olive make me sad, but I suppose the purse is alright. And may I say that Annette/Rhea Pearlman is a tiny little thing.


Mrs. C carries the same bag the next day (nice realistic touch), while visiting Danny’s office. So glad she changed from the olive because I’m digging her fresh red-white-blue ensemble. Snaps for the subtle color coordination with her boys, too. Do you think after this they’re off to take family portraits in the park?


Look, Mindy can join! She’s got the same color scheme happening. ALSO, EARRINGS.



I’d be remiss not to give Beverly a shoutout. I mean, Spencer Hastings would wear this exact outfit, right? When did crazy Bev go prep?


Mindy manages to wrangle an invitation to the Castellano family brunch, where she shows up in bright pink, which — as we discussed last week — is her new power color power color.


I feel like Mindy’s the bridge between Mrs. C’s side of the table (the land of bright color prints), and the Castellano boys (all solids, all darks). Fashion diplomacy aside, she handles Annette beautifully, bonding over bad TV and bestowing her with cheesy gifts.


All goes swimmingly until she dares to defend Danny (seriously woman — he gave you a NEW STOVE. Show some gratitude.) and suddenly, Mindy is dead to Annette. Maybe she didn’t approve of Mindy’s cleave?


So Annette pulls the martyr card like only a mother can, and goes back to cleaning hotel rooms because she’s ashamed that Danny is subsidizing her expenses and…you know what? I’m over this plotline. Let’s talk about Mindy’s outfit.

She’s got a prim thing going on with her matching skirt (is that waxed?) and vest, and I would think that Mrs. C would approve of Mindy’s printed blouse. But she toughens up the look with a badass leather jacket and — of course — some fabulous matching earrings.


We end with a mother/son/girlfriend reconcilation back at Annette’s house, complete with dinner cooked on her new stove. Yay, happy endings! Then the kids (almost) make out in Danny’s old bedroom, and THIS is the moment I fell in wuv with Danny.

I mean, that smile? And a decent vinyl collection? That right there is worth putting up with Annette.