What Mindy Wore As The World’s Luckiest Girlfriend

You guys, I didn’t realize how much I missed this show until I sat there, grinning like a loon, for the entire season premiere. That’s how you suck people back in — sweet romance, silly comedy, amaze outfits and CHRIS MESSINA’S EXQUISITE BUTT. Let’s get to it, shall we?


So we pick things up right where we left them last season — literally, where we left things, as they re-use footage from Mindy and Danny v1.0 in this new coupley montage. But I loved the plaid dress and leather jacket the first time Mindy wore it, so I won’t hold it against them.

I think this show should have montages ever week. How else can Mindy flaunt this many looks in a half-hour episode? 


Mindy’s also throwing down her power colour (hot pink!) courtesy of this sweet nightie, the sort of thing you wear when a relationship is still new, before you start wearing streetched-out old gym tees and zit cream and curlers.


But that look on her face is one shared by the entire viewing audience when they saw Danny’s first dance of the week. Here it is just for you, courtesy of the second-best gif of the episode:

Welcome back, show.


Mindy attempts to share her power colour with Danny, who’s puling it off but doesn’t look too happy about it. 

Nolan Ross, eat your heart out.


Danny may not care for this look, but Mindy’s into it. And I’m into her houndstooth-on-houndstooth top, too. Gagging over the shoulder detail. LOVE.

#bestdressedladyonTV #forrealsyo


As could be expected, Danny’s not into wearing hot pink. And let’s be real, Mindy will always pull it off better than 99% of all other humans.

BTW the way he’s got his hand on her leg? SWOONSIES.


Note: all that fashion happened in like the first two minutes of show. Then the plot showed up. It had to do with Mindy’s inability to refrain from gossiping about their sex life at work. She also can’t refrain from busting out the best professional lady wardrobe on TV, but that’s not a problem. Check out the slit on her blue skirt:

Professional YET ladylike WHILE ALSO girlie AND sexy. Circle snaps.

And you better know her earrings were on point, too.

Killing it, OB/GYN style. 


And then PLOT TWIST when she discovers this pink, Bedazzled thong in Danny’s drawer.

INTERESTING that it’s hot pink, right? As though it belonged to someone else who enjoys that color palette?


So, Dr. L heads over to BFF #1, Peter, to figure out what’s the deal with the thong. Perhaps to distance herself from the thong’s invasion of her color theme, she throws down some yellow-and-black fashionz.


Earring game? ON POINT.


You guys, did the Mindy costume team spend the entire summer hiatus just sourcing outfits? Because this is a crazy/awesome amount of costume changes for a half-hour sitcom. This one is maybe my fav:

She’s basically wearing a chandelier. And that Xena Warrior Princess neckline is slaying me. And before you ask, of course her earrings are complementary but not gimmicky.

How many pairs of earrings can one woman own?? Is her jewellery box like Mary Poppins’s bag?


But let’s admire this dress a bit more. Here a longer shot showing that she’s not just wearing a chandelier, it’s like chandelier ARMOR. These curves are deadly, y’all.

Now, if she’d worn her hair up, this would get an A++. As it is, a solid A+. Nice work, Dr L.


So it turns out that the thong didn’t belong to Danny’s stripper ex, it belongs to Danny’s own stripper past as Diamond Dan. Let’s let the caption on this speak for itself, shall we?

Oh, how I wish I’d been able to attend Exquisite Butt’s GUY2K party. Someone get me a time machine!


So then, because this is a rom-com sitcom, naturally she and Danny have sorted out their issues by the end of the episode.I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with her coat here, but I do know I enjoy the little evil heart brooch/embellishment/? giving Danny the side-eye:


And I can’t NOT end this recap the way the episode ended, with the single sexiest moment in television history of all time ever. Head over to our tumblr for the full gif set of Diamond Dan’s triumphant return to form.

Seriously, go there and watch it.

You back? OK, wipe the drool off your chin. Leave it to Mindy and Danny to show that happily-ever-after can be even sexier than hooking up for the first time. Bring it, season three!