We LOVE us a red carpet, and this year’s Emmys did not disappoint. Did you catch some of our favorite stars strutting their stuff? What’d you think?


Christina Hendricks

L-A: Scarlett O’Hara did drapery first and did it better. She even made a hat.

Constance: This shape and color is great for her, but I could live without the bedazzled hip.

Ritchie: Bedraggled at best. Another fabric would make this really sing.

Ann: Oh honey no.


January Jones

Kristina: So…i guess there was just a crap ton of extra red fabric laying around the Mad Men set?

L-A: This dress has promise. It’s just not fulfilling it’s promise. And she maybe could have washed her bangs for the event?

Constance: Does that dress have pockets? Because I will forgive everything if it has pockets. But yes, something is clearly off with the way that skirt is falling. It’s making her hips look lumpy, which should be physically impossible. Her face looks great, though.

Lauren: That hair is awful and her dress has a mullet, but she does always manage to look the complete opposite of her character.

Ann: I suspect if this weren’t January Jones, with her inherently polarizing personality, this look would have gone over better. OK, the hair doesn’t exactly go, but the dress is ferosh and she’s serving it up. And this is probably the most Betty-adjacent she’s been on the red carpet in ages, with the retro silhouette on that skirt.


Kerry Washington

Kristina: Damn. she definitely handled it.

Isobel: She does look good, but I can’t tell whether that’s a spangly cover-up over a party dress, or a party gown over a spangly slip. Ack.

L-A: I feel like a lower slit in the leg and ditching the sequined mini would be better. Or ditching the orange dress and going with a sequined mini.

Ritchie: Built-in bike shorts! Shades of Demi Moore at the 1989 Oscars!

Ann: Girl had a baby like three seconds ago. BOW DOWN BITCHES.

Ritchie: I love that you worked a Bey reference in there.


Lena Dunham

Bella: Newsflash: Lena Dunham eaten by toilet roll holder, poofy variety.

Anne: Under paid diner waitress on the top. Three year old playing dress up on the bottom.

L-A: What I imagine a cupcake would look like if it came to life. Albeit a sad cupcake.

Constance: In theory, I am in favor of actresses subverting our expectations of what they are supposed to look like and reminding us that they are more than just walking clothes hangers. In practice, I have no patience with this.

Jen: I just can’t believe someone sketched this, made a sample, then stood back and said, “Yes. Yes, this is lovely. Send it to production!”

Ann: While questionable, I prefer this to something more conventional for her. Like, she’s never going to look like Kerry Washington in a typical evening gown, so taking a risk makes sense rather than pale in comparison.

Ritchie: True. I like her esprit de corps since she knew she was going home empty-handed, but it doesn’t matter what you put her in, she’s still got terrible posture that makes everything she wears seem sad. Also, “Man or Muppet” is playing in my head now.

Kristina: Hold up. I’m pretty sure Anthro sold a shower curtain just like it:


Constance: They are adorable! That dress could use an iron, tho.

Bianca: This stiff, neon dress screams prom to me. And where is all her trademark Zooeyness? I miss her bangs, nail art, polka dots, tulle, etc.

L-A: At least she didn’t go ballgown this year?

Jen: I’m actually digging her 70s-adjacent hair.

Ann: No, I really just want to brush her bangs so they fall straight on her face. Those bangs are a crucial part of her facial structure.


Mindy Kahling

L-A: Not my most favorite from her, but she looks pretty great. Solid choice.

Constance: Mindy Lahiri would be proud — Mindy K looks great.

Jen: I don’t know. Mindy and I have similar issues — big bust, short torso. This dress is not our friend, Mindy. Let’s go shopping for something else.

Ann: Her hair and makeup game is better than usual, and the idea of this dress could have worked. Jen hit the nail on the head, though. She’s got a short torso and generous cleave, so what should be an empire waistline winds up looking like her body goes BOOBS-WAIST-HIPS without any space in between.


Michelle Dockery

Constance: Dramatic and pretty at the same time, which can be hard to do.

L-A: At first I was down with this, but then I saw that sides really flare out, and now I’m unsure of it.

Jen: I’m going back and forth as well. On the one hand, it’s unique, but on the other hand, I had a ski jacket in 1984 with these exact same colors.

Ritchie: It says either “Love Boat extra in one of the Hawaii specials” or “national flag evening gown”. Yet, I still like it!

Ann: Ha, Ritchie, I was about to say she looked like if she lifted up her arms she’d be wearing a flag. Sort of Miss Universe National Costume category.

Kristina: i feel like this is one of those dresses that doesn’t photograph well. The colors are super refreshing and the concept is modern and fun, but i keep thinking that if she raises her hands, those capey flappy things will rise up and she’ll fly away a la Khaleesi’s dragons.