So the big question of the week is: Can we really have it all? Charlotte is slapped with a prenuptual agreement and has a major problem with what she’s worth. Miranda has a new long distance love, which gives her a relationship with a good deal of space. Samantha is sick with the flu over in her new apartment, but struggles when her curtain rod falls and she can’t get a man over to fix it for her. Carrie’s still our main drama for the week as she struggles to stay away from Big while Aidan’s away.


So Carrie heads off to see the girls looking kinda… blah. In fact, I’m not really sure what’s happening here. The one shoulder, cloud print, red fringe top is a monstrosity. I can’t even. The trousers might be okay for a business lunch, but that seems more like Miranda’s kinda thing, no?

The kicker for me is that jacket. It looks harmless enough from the front, but then she turns around and it says “I Shot JR” on the back! Surely this wasn’t popular as it was a 20-year-old Original Flavor Dallas reference, but it becomes even less relevant now, nearly 35 years on (and no, the new Dallas isn’t enough to make it relevant). Come on, Carrie. You’re better than this.


Then again, maybe it’s a retro themed house warming party over at Sam’s new pad in the meat-packing district? Charlotte and Miranda seem to be channelling Studio 54 with those halter necklines.

I do like the flirtiness of Miranda’s dress though. Unfortunately, the pre-mullet hairstyle brings it back down. 


My fave look of the party has to go to Sam though. Look at that dress. It’s so Linda Evans in Dynasty, right?

Right (this was totally worth the extra 20 minutes it took for me to get this picture edited to make my point, btw). Luckily, Samantha is decidedly less judgemental than Linda’s Dynasty character when Carrie divulges that she slept with Big. Just imaginge the slapfest that would ensue.


Still feeling guilty (obvs…) Carrie runs back to Aidan’s place to spend the night and manages to have to do the walk of shame in that same awful outfit from the night before. It does not look any better in the light of day.

But what in the world is going on with Aidan’s shirt? Sooo hideous. Surely a consignment shop find. Actually, I’m starting to realize that Aidan’s fashion sense may be rubbing off on Carrie. It all makes sense now. Anyway, Aidan’s heading out of town to deliver a chair in that bitchin’ truck (the most attractive object in this image), which leaves Carrie to her own devices, and Big demons.

While Carrie’s juggling two men, Samantha is struggling to find one to help her fix her curtain while she’s bedridden with the flu. 

I thought she was wearing the same outfit from the night before as well, but why would she do that in her own apartment? She’s Smantha freakin’ Jones!


Twenty blocks over, Charlotte soon-to-be MacDougal is shopping for wedding china with Trey, looking hot as all hell. That’s the Charlotte we know and love.

Rocking a tan headband that perfectly matches her strapless dress, I dare say this pre-dates Blair Waldorf perfection. Too bad this beautiful moment is disrupted by Trey casually slipping her a pre-nup along with his guest list for the engagement party. Subtle, Trey.


Charlotte even brings that hotness along with the pre-nup over to lunch with her lawyer (aka Miranda) and Carrie. Miranda looks pretty standard in her blue power suit, and reassures her that the pre-nup is normal in this day and age. Until they find a clause that says Charlotte only gets a percentage of $500,000 for every year that she and Trey are married (if less than 5 years, of course), and a $100,000 bonus for every male child that she may bear. No bonus for girls, btw. NONE.

I’m almost certain that Carrie’s only purpose here is to make witty comments, but at least she’s showered and changed into a pretty little dress with her trademark giant flower. Her hair looks fab, too. Reclaiming your style while Aidan’s away, I see, Ms. Bradshaw.


Oh, I take that back. While Carrie’s trying to keep herself distracted by taking inventory of her shoes she seems to be wearing a bathing suit of some sort.

While I approve of the color (kelly green is her friend), I’m not sure why she would change into this to lounge around the house, let alone work on her column.


But apparently shoe organizing isn’t enough to distract from her liaison with her ex, and she calls him up to tell him that it’s over.

Whoops. Seriously, Carrie. Aidan just left. Have some self control!


Luckily, Miranda’s reticence is at an all-time high when her date heads back to his hotel after an amazing date with her Chicago-based colleague, George.

That dress fits her like a glove, and I’m totally lusting after her wooden bangles. I think we need to have a hair intervention though, you guys. Do you think she lost her styling products since last episode?


Yes. That must be it. Although lack of hairstyle is practically mandatory when lounging at home.

Thus begins Miranda’s whole plot line this episode as she partakes in a bout (or five…) of phone-sex with her long-distance paramour. Too bad she’s not the only one sharing steamy calls with George, thus ending this arrangement as quickly as it began.


Leaving chez Miranda and heading over to Samantha’s sick cave, we find our resident vixen turning into… Charlotte?

While Carrie’s mixing Sam’s special illness elixir (Fanta and cough syrup…. ugh) in what I can only assume is one of Aidan’s charity store finds, Sam starts a delirious rant in which she claims that if you don’t have a man to share your life with, you don’t have anything. Where has our independent woman gone?


Oh, there she is, donning a Marilyn Monroe-esque red halter dress to Charlotte and Trey’s engagement party. Crimson is certainly her color. Glad to have you back, Ms. Jones.

Miranda’s dress, though stunning in color, is completely shapeless. The poor posture and bitchface don’t help matters much. And Carrie seems to be channelling Princess Leia in an old bridesmaid dress. I half expected Ewoks to come in and start braiding her hair (Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’m a Star Wars geek.).


Anyway, Charlotte runs over to inform the girls that she managed to up her MacDougal family value to a cool million. Well done, Charlotte, we you knew you had it in you!

But who wouldn’t be confident in such a stunning dress? The color is phenomenal, to start with, but that silohuette flatters her figure like nothing I’ve ever seen. I think it trumps her registry shopping from earlier.


The next morning Carrie welcomes home Aidan wearing the most ridiculous thing she’s worn all episode. Shorteralls with nothing but a red bra underneath.

Oh, right, Aidan’s back. Time to pull out the thrift store bargain box! Maybe it’s so Aidan won’t suspect that she’s a mistress on the side. Poor, sweet, naive Aidan.


So much so, that he doesn’t even bat an eye when Carrie offers to take his dog out for a walk as a premise to keep Big out of her apartment. At least she’s donning perfectly acceptable weekend wear.

I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to hear Big propose divorcing his wife for her. Yikes! And I’m not just talking about Big’s casual outfit (I’m here all night, folks!).


So there you have it: Carrie clearly can’t man-juggle. Maybe she should bring back the Leia hairdo and summon the force: