Part 2 of 2: Lions and Lambs

So, let’s revisit this outfit. I mean, it’s official: Mona owns every animal print, in every color, ever. She’s also really good at color coordinating — the neon green in the print matches her striped collar, and the blue spots of her leopard sweater match both her skirt and her earrings. Anyone who matches that much must have something to hide.


Speaking of matching, Aria’s outfit was nicely coordinated (if not blurry, sorry ’bout that) this week, with pink and white stripes, black and white stripes, and a printed white skirt. I think it’s the most normal outfit she’s worn in weeks.


Aria was also the only one who had a wardrobe change this episode, going from the above to a striped tank and jeans for her volunteer shift at Radley. She’s the new Spencer! Except instead of volunteering to boost her college applications, she’s volunteering to get the dirt on Bethany Young, the girl who was found in Ali’s grave.

Anyway, I totally thought she was wearing a denim romper (a la Spencer’s corduroy jumper last week)…


…but no! It’s just a smock. Which she needs for art class, which just so happened to fall on her first day of volunteering. I mean, it only took Aria one day to find Bethany Young’s old roommate and steal Bethany’s old sketchbook? Impressive. “A” may have inadvertently given these girls a lot of practice in sneaking around. Now if only they would stop having superseekrit meetings in bathrooms.

Also, meet Bethany’s former roommate, who apparently has a thing for sassy graphic tees. Maybe she and Hanna can be new fashion besties?


When the most groundbreaking thing about Aria’s outfit is her leopard-print bag, you know something is wrong. Even her jewelery is simple! What’s going on, honeychild? You wanna talk about it?


Maybe it’s the aftermath of her *ahem* “slip” with Ezra? Who isn’t deviating from his invalid-in-recovery steez this episode. Spencer helps the still-injured Ezra move all his surveillance stuff (sidenote: he has a LOT of surveillance stuff) out of his apartment. Spencer makes good use of the cameras, setting one up to watch her own sister.


Which totally works out in her favor, because MelissaCam catches Ali wearing the Sad Hat. And also sneaking around Spencer’s backyard — is she attempting another escape?


Regardless, I would set up a hidden camera, too, if my sister was casually throwing away dead rats after a friend just got one in her locker. And without gloves? Ew. Is Melissa really helping Mona? Or A? Or is she just killing time before university starts again (does she still go to university?)

Maybe she’s merely trying to get her parents back together? I’m confused. As is Melissa’s outfit. The gold bar necklace says simple and sophisticated, while the silky draped top shrieks evening cocktails, but the chambray says “I’m here to clean up the rats.”


On the opposite end, Spencer’s outfit is well put together, though it’s missing her signature animal print. Thumbs up for the wide striped top, which she paired with a cute geometric print skirt and the best military trench coat. Spencer’s trench collection rivals any detective’s, and I’m jealous.

Also loving (and lusting after) her gorgeous black and white, with a pop of turquoise, backpack. It probably doesn’t fit any of her books, but these girls don’t really go to school, do they?


One thing’s probably for certain: A doesn’t go to school. No one would be able to do algebra homework and learn about the War of 1812 while sifting through everyone’s mail, opening it, and resealing it. Either A’s not a student, or he/she really needs another hobby.


But A’s creepy letter-opening skills revealed one thing: we’ve got a wedding on the way! I’m mostly excited for Aria’s bridesmaid dress, because knowing Aria, it will probably have feathers, be very bright, or combine multiple prints and patterns. Or all three.