Part 2 of 2: Everybody Cries

Someone needs to inventory how many name necklaces, items of clothing featuring stereos, and sparkly Justin Timberlake hats Mercedes owns. It’s definitely disproportionate.

That lemon yellow does give her a nice glow, that I will allow.


While none of these green accessories are stylish in the slightest, you have to appreciate the amount of shades of green Mercedes is pulling together in one — and, considering the theme of the episode, her zip-up isn’t too far off base. Yay, Miss Jones!


She doesn’t get many lines this week, but what she does get is a lot of purple. She wears it so often and has so many different checked pieces, I can’t keep up! I think I like this one? Though why she’s wearing something that bulky indoors, I have no idea.


For the mash-up contest (remember that? Major plot point? No?) the girls perform “Start Me Up”/”Livin’ On A Prayer” while dressed as the cast of Sons of Anarchy. Weirdly, it rocks.

But seriously, leather pants are best left with Shannen Doherty in the nineties.


Soulful Rachel is soulful. Who knows why. Her nice little sweater has nice little bobbles, but polka dots were getting old a while back, and I want colour, gosh darn it. Maybe houndstooth.


This is a lovely cranberry colour and a lovely print, but I’m not such a fan of the poodle hair. Brush it post-curling, ladies, else you’ll look more Shirley Temple than Camilla Belle.


…did I just invoke that poodle? I mean, it’s a cute sweater for cute-loving Rachel (who is for once sitting on the sidelines with Mercedes), although animal sweaters are nothing new for her…but more importantly, I just invoked that poodle.

*special powers*


And now, by the power vested in me by myself, I’d like to introduce you to the star of Harry Potter the Musical, a dude who genuinely looks like he belongs in the fifties, an artist with the eyebrows of Mulan in the righteous Disney movie…


…Darren Criss!

Oh crap, I meant Blaine Anderson, Kurt’s love interest-to-be.